Eight Milestones of TwentyFifteen

My 8 personal milestones of 2015
This year is one of the most eventful year for me till date :)
1. We are Married
After dating for 8years plus..We are finally married on 7th of Feb this year!
At our dream location :) Hehe.. Love our garden wedding to bits! 
Our wedding banquet will be held next year on 30th April 2016 (Saturday) :)
For more pics of our solemnization view Here and Here :)


Things to bring for HDB BTO Defects Check

Hello friends/readers,
Thank you for the overwhelming response for our BTO Door Opening Ritual Procedure post and all our other posts as well :)
We hope it is useful for you! :)

Today we are going to share with you another useful post, to help you with your Defects Check!

We break into 2 posts..
This post we will share with you the things to bring for your HDB BTO Defects Check.. 

Next post we will share with you the Defects Checklist!! 
Stay Tune for our next post!!
We really hope our blog posts will come into handy when you do your defects check!!

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Things to bring for BTO defects check:

It is quite hard to have no defects, but the problem is, most of the defects are not obvious. 
They are hidden, subtle and not visible to the eye. At one glance it is actually not easy to spot any defect.. Next blog post we will share with you the checklist and the defects we have at our new house :) Please give us sometime to consolidate :)

Tadah.. Please don't be a super hero and go to your new place empty handed..
Haha.. Here's the list of things to bring for your HDB defects check!!

1) Door Stopper / Door Holder
We ask the person from Uni-Arm to install for us.. I really think this is very very important!
Because it is very stuffy at our new place.. with the main door open it is so much better..
more windy..

You may contact the person from Uni-Arm via their facebook link - Click HERE 
Use facebook message! We highly recommend them.. good service :) They are the ones that install our door holder. Do check them out :)

2) Tapes and Markers
Tapes and Markers are essential to mark out the defective areas. I prefer masking tapes since they are easy to remove without leaving sticky residue and permanent markers to write on these masking tapes. I would recommend to get them in at least 2 colours for the markers ; Red for the major defects and black for the minor ones, so that the BSC contractors will know what areas to focus on rectifying first. On top of this, I also strongly advise numbering and taking down notes on the description of the defects so that miscommunication can be minimized.
Note: don't paste tapes on the window glass! The tape became very sticky after prolong exposure to the sun and we had a really hard time removing!! haha..

3)Torchlight and Stool or Ladder
Torchlight is really helpful! It helps to spot defects in those dark areas even in the day like toilets, walkway, kitchen and bomb shelter! In addition, stool or ladders are important for inspecting those high out of reach places. My hubby is quite tall.. so a stool is good enough.. for my height.. I can't reach the ceiling to paste tape!! even standing on a stool!! Lol..

4) Tapping rod or Coins
This is to check for hollow tiles.. Tapping rod gives off a distinct hollow sound when lightly knocked against the hollow tiles.. This is how a tapping rod looks like..
For us.. We don't have any hollow tiles.. I had a hard time checking the toilet and kitchen tiles because we did not manage to get tapping rod and had to use coin.. backache! haha..

5) Cameras
You can use your phone or camera to take close up of the defects. 
Photos are use to document the defects so that we can make a comparison whether anything has been done. It also serves as evidence if there are any disputes. 

6) Chargers
They are used to test the electricity sockets to ensure they are functioning. Remember to check all sockets! I use handphone charger.. ensure it is charging.

7) Ruler or Cards
This is to use to check for gaps in the grout between tiles.. Some look like gaps from far, but after scratching, its actually stain..
We have many gaps in the grout.

8) Parents or Friends
You can ask your parents of friends to help you check the defects. You will be surprise that it will take at least 2 to 3 days to check everything, depending on how kiasu you are. Remember to bring friends who have an excellent eye for details and helpful, not those who only want to KPO and "see see look look" only.

9) Others
Cloth for cleaning, stain remover spray, water buckets to throw water (test the slope), number lock, fan, soap for washing hands, stools for resting, small table to put your belongings, mop/broom to clean floor for better check? since the floor is quite dusty.. very hard to check defects.. Sponge and CIF for scrubbing stains, garbage bag to throw away leaflets? don't be surprise.. you will get lots of leaflets! 

Please feel free to add a comment below to share with other new homeowners the things you think is essential to bring!

Some pointers above credits: 

That's all we have for you for now..
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See you soon after I consolidate the Checklist for BTO defects check! :)
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See ya!!


#KHSWHOME Home Tour Vblog

Hello all,
After much procrastination, I decided to post Bigtreeandkoala first youtube video!
I really look very very awkward in the video! *Shy*
But we are lazy to retake.. because it is very hot at our new place.. with no fan.. :( and empty..
Oh ya..This is how our estate look (afew months ago) :) I love the colours of our estate :)

Below are our BTO posts if you missed out previously:

Ep1 Home Tour Before Renovation
Our home is really empty now..We DID NOT opt for BTO tiles..
But somehow they still renovate our kitchen and toilets for us.. -_-"
I really hope many many years down the road.. when we look back at this video.. 
We will realize how far we have come :)
I look forward to see our nest after renovation! It is really not easy to have a home of our own.. lots of planning involved. But yet fun at the same time :) 
Will share more on our renovation soon! :)
Ok..enjoy seeing me awkward >.<
My hubby say he can't stop laughing whenever he watch this video >.<
He say I look very stern.. unlike my usual bubbly, hyper self..
Ok la.. Other than black friday sales.. I show you some entertainment ok?

Link to view youtube (click below):
Below is our floorplan before renovation :)

See you at Instagram @BigTreeAndKoala for now :)
More pics and updates there :) Hope you enjoy my debut video :)
Practice makes perfect! Will do better next time ;)
Till the next! Enjoy your weekend! :)


Sponsored Post: The Artisans Apron Review

I am a pastries lover! 
Loving the beautiful cupcakes from The Artisans Apron!
Most importantly it not only looks good..but taste very good as well!
Thank you The Artisans Apron for sending us the beautiful cupcakes as part of my hubby and my 100months Anniversary celebration :) 

Very beautiful edible blooms/flowers :)
Beautiful cupcakes like these definitely make my day!


The Artisan Apron not only make pretty cupcakes..
they make super beautiful cakes as well.. below are some of my favourite!!
So beautiful!!

aww.. can I have this for my birthday next year? >.< So beautiful..
The flower is edible!! How amazing..

OMG!..I love this too..house party/picnic with edible flowers..
Cupcakes in a bouquet..

Wedding cake! Super Chio!

For more information/photos, you may visit:

Instagram: TheArtisansApron

Feel free to drop them an email, or message if you have some special request :)
They are very friendly and nice people :)


How much do you believe in "Xi Chong Xi" 喜冲喜

Hello all,
My husband and I are getting married in another 5 months time..
and we have a couple of friends getting married before and after us..
Which brings us to today's topic on "Xi Chong Xi"


this is a superstitious Chinese believe saying 4 months before your wedding and 4 months after your wedding, you are NOT supposed to attend other people's wedding..

In direct translation, "Xi Chong Xi" means two auspicious occasion clashing together..
and there is a "saying" if you attend people's wedding 4 months before or 4 months after your wedding, bad things will happen to both couples..
and the **
couple who have their wedding last will be more affected..

I don't know how true is that.. (What is the logic behind that? hmm..)
Although I am not the "PanTang (Superstitious)" type,
but because wedding is a once in a lifetime thing.. and I don't want bad thing to happen to my friend or myself.. that's why I have been thinking about this topic day and night..
To believe or not to believe..
Haha.. there is no right or wrong answer!
In my opinion it is a two way thing.. 
you might not mind, but who knows your friend mind? 
Because his/her own happiness is at stake also..?
I do have a friend who have her wedding before me, but she say her grandparents and parents mind.. so we are not attending each other's wedding.. although we really wish to!


As time goes by, people add their own bits and pieces to their "rules".
Some people believe that is it good luck to be invited, leading to another chinese saying of "Shuang Xi Lin Men (双喜临门)," which means double happiness arriving at the door.
Some say only cannot attend "bai shi (白士)" which means funeral or wakes 4 months before and after your wedding.

As a new generation couple.. we are confused.. >.<
Please share with us and other readers about your view!

I welcome you to share your views with me in this chatbox below :)
meanwhile see you in instagram : Bigtreeandkoala


Vertigo and Moon Bar - Banyan Tree Bangkok Review

Hello lovelies,
I am back from Korea! :) Hope you like the pics and video I posted on our Instagram: @bigtreeandkoala :) We had lots of fun in Korea.. will blog about it when time permits..Alot of backlogs.. >.<
This year passed by super fast for me.. activities after activities..
Feb is my husband and my Solemnization, March - went Bangkok with colleagues, May - went cruise with husband and also went Turkey/Istanbul with colleagues, Oct went Goldcoast with colleagues and Korea with husband -__-" and now that our flat is here.. we really need to settle our renovation soon, before our wedding next year.. but I am glad we are done with our prewedding photoshoot in Korea :) One item down! WooHoo!
I decide to pick this Vertigo and moon bar to blog about before my husband's birthday next month! Can't believe one year passed by just like that.. but this year is one of the most fulfilling year for me thus far :) Super excited over #KHSWHome (Instagram) :)

Vertigo and Moon Bar - Banyan Tree Bangkok

Last year December.. My hubby and I went Vertigo and moon bar @ BanyanTree Bangkok for fine dining :) I made email reservation one month before so that we can get the best seat :)
Located at 61st floor of Banyan Tree Hotel, Vertigo and moon bar offers an al fresco dining experience overlooking the stunning skyline of Bangkok.
This is my 2nd fine dining experience in Bangkok.. I went to Sirocco & Sky Bar @ Lebua Hotel before - rated the 14 best rooftop bars in the world.. will blog about it when time permits :) The dinner at Sirocco & Sky Bar @ Lebua Hotel is the most expensive meal I had in my life thus far! Personal record.. hahaha if you plan to go.. get ready to burn a really big hole in your pocket!
Breathing View.. Shape of a ship..
We had 3 course meal..because we are there to celebrate my hubby's birthday..
Birthday Cake will be served..

Salmon for me..
Beef for hub..
Really love the view.. 
Very cooling at night too.. Lucky I brought my cardigan along :)

Haha.. Last year Decemeber, we are not married yet >.< So is Husband to be..
and the person spelled "Husband wrongly".. haha. 
Forgive them..  because the service is super good!
They even take pics and print it out for us.. 
Birthday boy..

More informations:

There are two timing for dinner, first one is 6pm to 8pm, second one is 8.30pm to 10.30pm.
If you want to have a drink to chill after dinner.. I think second timing is better for you..
We are there from 8pm till 12am.. enjoy the breathtaking view..

Opening Hours: 
Daily (Weather Permitting)
Vertigo Restaurant: 6pm to 11pm
Moon Bar: 5pm to 1am

Dress Code:
Smart Casual, they are very strict with that.. make sure no slippers, flipflops, athletic apparel, torn clothing and even backpacks are not permitted! Gentlemen are requested to wear long trousers, closed shoes and sleeved tops.

21/100 South Sathon Road
Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
BanYan Tree Bangkok, 61st level


For reservation (Click) :

Will share with you another fine dining @ Lebua State Tower, Bangkok soon :)
See you at Instagram: @bigtreeandkoala for now :)


BTO Door Opening Ritual Procedure

Hi all,
We just received our keys for our nest today! 30th Sept 2015 :)
Due to overwhelming response, we decided to do a quick draft on the door opening ritual procedures to share with our friendly neighbours and friends..
We hope it helps you a little :) and congrats on your key collection!
Just for your info, we are not "fengshui master" nor expert in this, everyone have different opinions, we are just sharing with you what we actually do today :)
Optional: We did not include burning of joss sticks and incense papers.
Because we are quite "liberal".. thus we mainly do it for the peace of mind!
If you find this post helpful, feel free to share this post with your friends/relatives :)
Because we hate doing research.. that's why we created this blog to share our two cents to our friends and love ones to help them a little :) So that our research effort is not put into waste >.<
We did consult our parents and relatives before deciding on the procedure! :)



The Best Boat Noodles near Victory Monument in Bangkok, Thailand

Hello lovelies,
You MUST try this when you visit Bangkok Thailand next time! :)

The Best of Noodle Boat near Victory Monument
Kway Teow Rua / Kuai Teow Ruea or better known as Boat Noodles are originally sold at river canals on a floating boat. Now, majority of them have moved to the land and the easiest place to find them is at Victory Monument (Military Monument). 
We try asking the locals about the best boat noodles, they also direct us to Victory Monument! 
No doubt.. this is the place you must visit for the best boat noodles! :)
At Victory Monument, there are several stalls selling boat noodles.
But the one that the locals always go to is the stall in the pic below..
This is the number 1 choice for many!
By the way, they are wearing orange shirts! So it is quite easy to identify..


A Day Trip to Wat Pho and Wat Arun, Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho, Wat Arun Travel guide

Hi lovelies,
My husband and I went to explore Wat Pho and Wat Arun December last year :)
and we would like to share with you some humble tips..
Feel free to share this post with your friends :)

What to wear to Wat Pho and Wat Arun:
For ladies, I would suggest you to bring along a long sleeve cardigan and wear a "light material" long pants and do remember to bring along a cap. Visiting Shrine requires all female to wear long pants/skirt, and wear clothes that covers your shoulder..if not you must rent a "sarong" to cover your legs.. For guys they are not so strick, a polo/T-shirt with three quarter pants is alright..

How to get there:
One of the cheapest and easiest way to reach Wat Pho is via the boat ride on the Chao Phraya River. The nearest BTS Skytrain station is Saphan Taksin Station. The Sathorn Pier is just 3 minutes walking distance from Saphan Taksin Station.

How much is the boat tickets:
We brought the one day river pass, which allows us to take unlimited number of boat rides..
It is
150 Baht per person.. there is only one booth selling the tickets.
The single way ticket is only around 10-25 baht (take the boat with orange flag (cheaper), because different flag there is different rate, if I am not wrong the blue flag is the tourist boat with tour guide, it will cost around 40baht per single trip), the single trip ticket is sold on the boat itself.
Here's a pic of our one day river pass..


PasJel Singapore Product Review and Discount Code (Sponsored Post)

Hello lovelies! :)
PasJel is now available in Singapore through www.pasjelbabyskin.sg !
I am a user of their products before it even reach Singapore!!
Do take note that PasJel Singapore is the Sole Authorized Distributor in Singapore..
Do avoid purchasing from other website as there are imitation products in the market!
Thank you PasJel Singapore for sending me these products :)
I really love the pastel colour packaging! :)


Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sometimes.. when you stop and look around..
This life.. is pretty AMAZING! :)
Been a very long time since I last visited Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve..
The previous time I went was during school days.. I rmb the whole class went to hunt for the monitor lizard, but I am the only one who saw the monitor lizard! LOL.. because I was sick during the school excursion and the teacher in charge ask me to rest at a cafeteria..
To my surprise the monitor lizard crawl into the cafeteria! The auntie working at the cafeteria told me that the monitor lizard is harmless.. hence I sit there and observe the monitor lizard while chatting with the auntie.. aww.. everything seems so yesterday!
Anyway I got no idea why we need to hunt for monitor lizard last time? 
Because I see quite a lot of monitor lizards roaming around during our current visit.. 
Anyway I love the greens!
The greatest pleasures in life often come in the simplest form <3 indeed..
Love off days like this..
x2 New balance! Look at the beautiful pressed flower between us..
Adventure begin..
We saw this beautiful Oriental pied-hornbill..
One of the stranger say she visited Sungei Buloh so many times, but it's her first time seeing the Oriental pied-hornbill.. and in a pair somemore.. beautiful..
The male has a larger casque with few black marks, while the female has a smaller casque with more black marks. The Oriental pied-hornbill is mostly black with a white belly and thighs, and white accents around the eye, on the wing tips and tail..
Love their feathers.. so beautiful!
After walking for sometime, I notice "this head" beside us which gave me a huge shock!
At first glance I thought is ANACONDA's head! HAHAHA
Nah.. is the monitor lizard! LOL!

Monitor lizard have long necks, powerful tails and claws, and well developed limbs.
If I remember correctly, they attack using their tail..so when you see their tail curl up.. you better run!
Omg.. so scary..
There are lots of spiders in Sungei Buloh! Below is one of them..
They are really huge! The spider web looks beautiful! 
Before we left, we went to hunt for crocodile!
Spot the crocodile in the pic below..OMG! Initially I was just joking! Never expect to really see a crocodile!

Yup.. that's all for now :)
Been busy lately.. lots of things to look forward to :)
Most prob my hubby and my BTO key collection will be next month end :) Hence we are busy looking for reno ideas and contractors! :) Hehe.
Ok.. see you at our instagram for more updates :)
@bigtreeandkoala! <3


Happy Fifty Birthday Singapore

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore
#SG50 :)
LHad lots of fun that day.. picnic outside MBS while waiting for fireworks..
My hubby's friends reached at around 2pm and they say the place is almost full house!
This is our first time celebrating national day with friends instead of just the both of us :) 
Quite fun though! =D


#KHSWROM DIY Solemnization decorations

Hello lovelies, Is Saturday again! :)

Good news! 

The 1st block in my estate already gotten their appointment letter for key collection! Looking at the progress of our estate, I guess we are the 3rd block to collect our keys.

Excited much! But we are still at the mist of finding our ID/Contractors.. etc

my hubby is doing most of the research work! Haha.. We have been going to furniture mall, IKEA, Best Denki.. etc to look at household appliances, renovation ideas..etc

Hopefully we manage to find a good contractor/ID? So that we can share our tips with you here :)

Time flies.. My hubby and I are married for 6 months!

Till now I still receive emails enquires about our solemnization :) So today I am going to share our DIY Solemnization props! Glad you like my hubby and my DIY work!

But for now we are not selling our DIY solemnization props! We are using it for our actual day wedding.. moreover some of our props are customized with our names on it :)

If you follow us on instagram, you should see some of the pics below :)

Under #KHSWROM , Instagram: @Bigtreeandkoala



When it comes to decorations.. you need to first draw out a concept on how you want your reception table, solemnization and maybe a "walk down memory lane" table to look..

So for the 3 tables.. you need to have the rough dimension.. then after knowing how big the table is.. you then decide on which props to use..

After doing so you can start your props preparations!

We printed our quite a number of photos to put on our reception desk.. because photos will never go wrong.. haha. You can paste it anywhere.. then it becomes a decoration! Lol


Singapore Transformation for the past eight years

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore! 

This is home truly, where I know I must be
Where my dreams wait for me, where the river always flows
This is home surely, as my senses tell me
This is where I won't be alone, for this is where I know it's home
I love Singapore! and I am always a proud Singaporean for sure!
Every year my hubby and I will watch NDP or be somewhere near the padang/platform to watch fireworks without fail :) Except one year, because of my University finale examinations :( but we still watch TV at home.. just that I nagged the whole day because I still prefer watching fireworks live.. haha
This is how Singapore look in 2015..
Do you still remember how Singapore look 8 years ago?


A little about us

Last weekend..
My hubby and I happened to walk passed the place we first dated (in 2007)
and we decided to snap a picture of us now (in 2015) :)
Time passed by too quickly.. been 8years ++ since we first dated..
I can't believe it!! What seems so far away is happening right now!!
I remember I used to say that we need to wait for at least 7 years before we get married..
because back then.. we are still so young! I just completed my 'O' levels and my husband just completed his National Service! 
P.S. My hubby is 3 years older than me :)
Picture of us on our first date...


Chocolate Ville Bangkok

Hello lovelies!
I am here to share with you..another must go place in Bangkok!!

I am so in love with Chocolate Ville!! It is such a photo worthy place!! 
At first I thought there are lots of Chocolate at Chocolate Ville..  but surprisingly Chocolate Ville has got nothing to do with Chocolate!! haha..
Chocolate Ville is themed like a small American countryside village from the olden days, complete with colourful barn-style facades and a small stream that meanders and links the buildings together. Small bridges span across the stream.. There is a windmill and light house too.. everywhere you turned to is photo worthy!!

Ok..let the photos do the talking!
We visited this place last year Dec - Christmas theme! I love the Christmas decorations!!
You can consider going Chocolate Ville to celebrate Christmas this year end!! Weather quite windy though.. not as hot as usual! Less than SGD 500 you can go there already! Including air ticket and accommodation! What are you waiting for?! Haha ❤ 


Minus Four One Seven Product review and Discount Code

Hello friends & readers,
This post I am going to reveal the secret Skincare products I have been using for the past 2 years! I am loving the results and I would like to extend the product(s) benefits to all my friends and love ones! 
I know you must be thinking..
Is this another sponsored post?
Honestly, I am always skeptical of products reviews which are sponsored, because somehow I feel that the blogger is obligated to blog positive reviews about the product(s). 
Even if advertisers approach me to do sponsorship, I will ask to try out the product/services before taking up the sponsorship and share it in my blogpost.
Because I don't blog for a living or for fame.. I only blog because I enjoy sharing good things/food/deals.. etc with my friends and love ones.
Although I have to be honest that this is a Sponsored Post..but I have to clarify that for the past 2 years I have been buying their products using my own $.. ok.. maybe not my own $, but my husband's $ because he paid for it. Haha.
-417 (Minus 417) products review

I first came across this brand at Nex, while waiting for my husband. 
The sales consultant approach me and I thought why not give it a try.. 
since I am waiting for my husband..
The sales consultant apply 2 products on my hand.. and I instantly fall in love with these 2 products! The Aromatic Body Peeling and Aromatic Body Butter <Kiwi and Mango>.. I am not exaggerating or being "kua zhang" here. You must try it yourself to know how it feels!
The aromatic body peeling is like body scrub, after the scrub apply the body butter.. You will be surprise that your hand instantly become very very soft! My husband was there when I try out the products too.. He think that the product is really good.. So he brought it for me :)


Six things to do at Changi Airport Terminal Two when your flight delay

Hello lovelies,
Here's our two cents on what you can do at Changi Airport Terminal 2 when your flight delay!
Below (pic) is us looking very excited on our first ever Scoot Experience..
but at the same time..it was also our first ever Flight Delay Experience at Changi Airport.. LOL! -__-"
Which means we are stuck at the Departure hall for about 2 hours plus!

At first I was quite worried..because I am afraid we will feel super bored at the departure hall! 
Moreover it was my Husband's Actual Birthday! (14 Dec 2014 - last year)
But after this flight delay experience..We start falling in love with our World Class airport!
I hope after reading this post.. the next time you go on a holiday, you will arrive early at the airport because your holiday truly begins at Singapore Changi Airport! Haha


We are EIGHT

To my Big Tree Darling,
Happy 8 years Anniversary to us! :)
while you are reading this.. most prob I am already on my 11hours long haul flight to Istanbul!
Time flies..we have been together for 8 years (14 May 2007 till now)  ❤ 
These 8 years have been really wonderful and amazing..
Till today..I still feel very thankful that our path crossed! :) :)
Thank you for all that you have done for this relationship of ours..
I love and cherish every moment spent with you :) 
You are my super hubby! I love you!