Minus Four One Seven Product review and Discount Code

Hello friends & readers,
This post I am going to reveal the secret Skincare products I have been using for the past 2 years! I am loving the results and I would like to extend the product(s) benefits to all my friends and love ones! 
I know you must be thinking..
Is this another sponsored post?
Honestly, I am always skeptical of products reviews which are sponsored, because somehow I feel that the blogger is obligated to blog positive reviews about the product(s). 
Even if advertisers approach me to do sponsorship, I will ask to try out the product/services before taking up the sponsorship and share it in my blogpost.
Because I don't blog for a living or for fame.. I only blog because I enjoy sharing good things/food/deals.. etc with my friends and love ones.
Although I have to be honest that this is a Sponsored Post..but I have to clarify that for the past 2 years I have been buying their products using my own $.. ok.. maybe not my own $, but my husband's $ because he paid for it. Haha.
-417 (Minus 417) products review

I first came across this brand at Nex, while waiting for my husband. 
The sales consultant approach me and I thought why not give it a try.. 
since I am waiting for my husband..
The sales consultant apply 2 products on my hand.. and I instantly fall in love with these 2 products! The Aromatic Body Peeling and Aromatic Body Butter <Kiwi and Mango>.. I am not exaggerating or being "kua zhang" here. You must try it yourself to know how it feels!
The aromatic body peeling is like body scrub, after the scrub apply the body butter.. You will be surprise that your hand instantly become very very soft! My husband was there when I try out the products too.. He think that the product is really good.. So he brought it for me :)