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Tian Wei Signature : Confinement Food Catering in Singapore

Long time no see..
Unknowingly I am a mother for close to 3 months!
I am getting used to my life as a mummy now!
I almost went crazy after my confinement nanny left.. I thought my world turned upside down!
Haha.. I am not exaggerating!

Breastfeeding and catching up with my supply was tough..taking care of a newborn ALONE without prior experience make it even worse.. My Son's full month celebration was during the CNY period and my hubby went back to work after the CNY week..

You have no idea how bleak I thought my life was! Everyday I see myself forgoing my own needs to meet the demand of my son (Kaisor).

His feeding was every 2 hours then.. I don't even have time to rest! Let alone cook!
I am thankful to have Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food!
Tian Wei Signature is a confinement meal caterer for Mothers during their confinement in Singapore. Some people do confinement for 100 days! So having confinement food even after your confinement is perfectly ok!
Tian Wei Signature stands out from the rest as their menu is prepared by an award winning chef, they have fusion confinement meal incorporated into their menu as well..
Their menu consist of Traditional Confinement Meals, Japanese and Mediterranean cooking style, all using traditional confinement ingredients. In Tian Wei Signature they believe that Confinement Meals are supposed to be creative and exciting, to pamper mothers during this time of recuperation with the essential ingredients for Post Natal Mothers.
You can order their trial set to try..


Haenim UV Steriliser and Dryer

Hi hi,

My hubby and I just promoted! 
We are proud Papa and Mama to our little baby boy now :) 
It is indeed overwhelming being a first time dad and mum..
it is especially so because we don’t have elder siblings in the family to turn to for help 
(we are the eldest at home and first to have a baby as well)..

We went to numerous baby fairs as well as seminars to know more about the latest products in the market, learn about breastfeeding etc as well.. 

One thing I realize is, time have changed!!
Due to technological advancement, our lives are so much easier now!!

If there is one thing that I will recommend all mums and dads to invest in.. 
That will be an UV sterilizer!! It definitely help to make your life so much easier!!


Product Review: Lao Xie Zhen Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken by Hao Yi Kang

Hi hi,
I would like to share a product that I have been consuming during my pregnancy!
Apart from taking daily supplements, I drink a glass of mummy's milk and 
take this packet Chicken Essence from Hao Yi Kang daily! 
I first came across Hao Yi Kang at Oct 2017 Mummy's market (Baby's Fair at Expo)..
Both my friend Vivian and I brought their premium boiled essence of chicken and we fell in love with it ever since! It taste so good!
Introducing Hao Yi Kang
Hao Yi Kang is the exclusive distributor of Lao Xie Zhen Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken.
With over 80 years of history in Taiwan, Lao Xie Zhen is very favourable among mummies!
I am one of them! Haha

It is suitable for pregnant mums, elderly, children above 2 who want to add something nutritious into their daily routine!

The main nutrients in Lao Xie Zhen boiled essence of chicken is protein
Protein is the crucial nutrient needed during pregnancy. 

It is good for pregnant and breastfeeding mum because:
1. Booth energy level and strengthen immune system
2. Helps in growth/development of the baby
3. Promotes post-natal milk secretion 
4. Enhances the nutrition of the milk
5. Repair the cells and tissues in the body
6. Helpful towards fetal support during pregnancy 
7. Conditioning of the body during post-natal care 

Moreover, it taste smooth and delicious just like concentrated chicken soup..
Hence it is the number one choice for mothers during pregnancy and post-natal care!

Why Choose Lao Xie Zhen?
Main difference between Lao Xie Zhen Premium BOILED Essence of Chicken 熬鸡精 and other chicken essence in Singapore is the method of extraction. 
Through Lao Xie Zhen method of boiling, they achieved a more complete extraction of nutrients and a much better taste!

Most other brands that manufacture Chicken Essence use the dripping or steaming method. This causes loss of water on the surface of the chicken and results in water flowing out of the chicken. Only small amounts of the nutrients are extracted in this process.

Lao Xie Zhen uses the boiling method where the chicken is immersed into water and through this unique boiling method, a more complete extraction of nutrients is achieved.

The essences are packed into sachets of 42ml each which makes it really convenient to heat up for consumption.. 
Unlike the usual glass bottles packaging, these sachets take way lesser time to warm up..

It is easy and convenient to prepare..
(Tips: Best to consume warmed in the morning before meals)

Step 1: Put the unopened sachet into a mug
Step 2: Soak it in hot water for 3 minutes
Step 3: Tear open the sachet and consume

Alternatively you can add it into soup or other dishes for better taste and nourishment.. 
Hao Yi Kang Chicken Essence is 100% natural with no preservative, no additive and no cholesterol.. 

Highly recommended by me!!
It is a good gift for family members during Chinese New Year too :)
They have nice Chinese New Year packaging :)

Where to purchase?

Early Bird Deals!
From 1 Jan to 18 Jan 2018
Hao Yi Kang is having bundle deals on their 
website www.so-well.com.sg ! Do check it out! Don't missed out this promotion!

Hao Yi Kang will be participating in the Mummy's market on 
19th January to 21st January 2018
You can go down to their booth to try out the taste of the Chicken Essence before purchasing!

If you'd like to find out more about Hao Yi Kang, you may check them out on their:

I will be sharing other products suitable for mummies!
Do follow me on instagram: @Bigtreeandkoala :) 

This is a Sponsored Post! But I am a customer of Hao Yi Kang before this collaboration!!
Thank you once again Hao Yi Kang for sending me the Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken :)


Baby Diary : Is Anytime Now

Hello :)
Ermm.. In case you are wondering.. 
38 weeks plus pregnant now!! No sign of labor yet (-__-)"
Should have work till I give birth (-__-)" 
So bored waiting at home!! Haha..
 Since 37 weeks, gynae say is anytime now!!
But never say when leh.. when ah?! Lol
My estimated due date - 18 Jan 18
Which means in 10 days or less I am going to become a mother?
Haha.. very hard to register the fact that I am going to become a mother soon.. 
Mother like sound very old leh.. I still feel young at heart.. Lol
Took some pics to document my last few weeks of pregnancy..