Welcome to BigTree and Koala's love life. We are together since 14 May 2007.

Time flies.. Finally we are about to settle down, planning our actual wedding day etc. Would like to share with all the lovely couples out there the process of marriage and share with you some of our humble tips, like preparation for solemnisation, and actual day wedding, and house renovation, so that you will have a smooth and happy marriage ahead.

We love to travel and explore the world, so we will also be sharing our travel trips.

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Here's Koala and tall Big Tree :)
Will update this page again.. <3
Follow us on instagram for more pics : @BigTreeAndKoala

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  1. Unknown says:

    Hi there, just want to know when did you remove the pineapple, rice, etc from your new house? Before you start your renovation or after renovation?

  2. Hello :) before we start Reno :) remember to remove pineapple after 3 days. Put to long will have maggots! >.<

  3. Anonymous says:

    Able to share about ur renovation journey? Like how to choose ur ID??

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