A little about us

Last weekend..
My hubby and I happened to walk passed the place we first dated (in 2007)
and we decided to snap a picture of us now (in 2015) :)
Time passed by too quickly.. been 8years ++ since we first dated..
I can't believe it!! What seems so far away is happening right now!!
I remember I used to say that we need to wait for at least 7 years before we get married..
because back then.. we are still so young! I just completed my 'O' levels and my husband just completed his National Service! 
P.S. My hubby is 3 years older than me :)
Picture of us on our first date...


Chocolate Ville Bangkok

Hello lovelies!
I am here to share with you..another must go place in Bangkok!!

I am so in love with Chocolate Ville!! It is such a photo worthy place!! 
At first I thought there are lots of Chocolate at Chocolate Ville..  but surprisingly Chocolate Ville has got nothing to do with Chocolate!! haha..
Chocolate Ville is themed like a small American countryside village from the olden days, complete with colourful barn-style facades and a small stream that meanders and links the buildings together. Small bridges span across the stream.. There is a windmill and light house too.. everywhere you turned to is photo worthy!!

Ok..let the photos do the talking!
We visited this place last year Dec - Christmas theme! I love the Christmas decorations!!
You can consider going Chocolate Ville to celebrate Christmas this year end!! Weather quite windy though.. not as hot as usual! Less than SGD 500 you can go there already! Including air ticket and accommodation! What are you waiting for?! Haha ❤