Six things to do at Changi Airport Terminal Two when your flight delay

Hello lovelies,
Here's our two cents on what you can do at Changi Airport Terminal 2 when your flight delay!
Below (pic) is us looking very excited on our first ever Scoot Experience..
but at the same was also our first ever Flight Delay Experience at Changi Airport.. LOL! -__-"
Which means we are stuck at the Departure hall for about 2 hours plus!

At first I was quite worried..because I am afraid we will feel super bored at the departure hall! 
Moreover it was my Husband's Actual Birthday! (14 Dec 2014 - last year)
But after this flight delay experience..We start falling in love with our World Class airport!
I hope after reading this post.. the next time you go on a holiday, you will arrive early at the airport because your holiday truly begins at Singapore Changi Airport! Haha


We are EIGHT

To my Big Tree Darling,
Happy 8 years Anniversary to us! :)
while you are reading this.. most prob I am already on my 11hours long haul flight to Istanbul!
Time flies..we have been together for 8 years (14 May 2007 till now)  ❤ 
These 8 years have been really wonderful and amazing..
Till today..I still feel very thankful that our path crossed! :) :)
Thank you for all that you have done for this relationship of ours..
I love and cherish every moment spent with you :) 
You are my super hubby! I love you! 


#KHSWROM Outdoor Solemnization Vendors Part One

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Hello friends/readers,
If you plan to have an outdoor event, solemnization or wedding.. 

below are the recommended vendors we engaged! We are extremely pleased with their services! 
For more details of our Garden Solemnization, you may click on the link below:

A BIG THANK YOU to all the vendors who are part of #KHSWROM
Thank you for making our Solemnization a memorable one! :)

1. Solemnization Gown and Suit
Many people kept asking me where did I get my solemnization gown! So secret revealed.. 

is from Bridal Concept! It is available for rent now! If you like the dreamy, pastel blue/purple gown design with a touch of fashion (front short with long train gown design)..
this pretty designers gown is waiting for you! 
Bridal Concept review / recommendations:
You may book an appointment with my
consultant Sally Tan! She is the most patient person I ever met! She is not pushy at all and she have a very nice, "motherly character".. She kept assuring me that everything will be smooth.. etc.. I feel very comfortable with her.. and her after sales service is superb too! 
Thumbs up! :)
8 Aug 2014 - Finalizing gown  design for solemnization.. #KHSWROM
I love choosing colours for gown:)


Burkill Hall Wedding Garden Solemnization Part Two #KHSWROM

Hello friends,
Hope you like our Garden Solemnization Part One blog post :)
Personally I like the decorations very much! The garden setting etc.. 

For this blog entry..
My Husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our invited guests for sharing our joy :) Thank you for coming! :) Here's the pics! Sorry for the long wait! :)