I am a pastries lover! 
Loving the beautiful cupcakes from The Artisans Apron!
Most importantly it not only looks good..but taste very good as well!
Thank you The Artisans Apron for sending us the beautiful cupcakes as part of my hubby and my 100months Anniversary celebration :) 

Very beautiful edible blooms/flowers :)
Beautiful cupcakes like these definitely make my day!


The Artisan Apron not only make pretty cupcakes..
they make super beautiful cakes as well.. below are some of my favourite!!
So beautiful!!

aww.. can I have this for my birthday next year? >.< So beautiful..
The flower is edible!! How amazing..

OMG!..I love this too..house party/picnic with edible flowers..
Cupcakes in a bouquet..

Wedding cake! Super Chio!

For more information/photos, you may visit:

Instagram: TheArtisansApron

Feel free to drop them an email, or message if you have some special request :)
They are very friendly and nice people :)

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