Eight Milestones of TwentyFifteen

My 8 personal milestones of 2015
This year is one of the most eventful year for me till date :)
1. We are Married
After dating for 8years plus..We are finally married on 7th of Feb this year!
At our dream location :) Hehe.. Love our garden wedding to bits! 
Our wedding banquet will be held next year on 30th April 2016 (Saturday) :)
For more pics of our solemnization view Here and Here :)


Things to bring for HDB BTO Defects Check

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Today we are going to share with you another useful post, to help you with your Defects Check!

We break into 2 posts..
This post we will share with you the things to bring for your HDB BTO Defects Check.. 

Next post we will share with you the Defects Checklist!! 
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Things to bring for BTO defects check:

It is quite hard to have no defects, but the problem is, most of the defects are not obvious. 
They are hidden, subtle and not visible to the eye. At one glance it is actually not easy to spot any defect.. Next blog post we will share with you the checklist and the defects we have at our new house :) Please give us sometime to consolidate :)

Tadah.. Please don't be a super hero and go to your new place empty handed..
Haha.. Here's the list of things to bring for your HDB defects check!!

1) Door Stopper / Door Holder
We ask the person from Uni-Arm to install for us.. I really think this is very very important!
Because it is very stuffy at our new place.. with the main door open it is so much better..
more windy..

You may contact the person from Uni-Arm via their facebook link - Click HERE 
Use facebook message! We highly recommend them.. good service :) They are the ones that install our door holder. Do check them out :)

2) Tapes and Markers
Tapes and Markers are essential to mark out the defective areas. I prefer masking tapes since they are easy to remove without leaving sticky residue and permanent markers to write on these masking tapes. I would recommend to get them in at least 2 colours for the markers ; Red for the major defects and black for the minor ones, so that the BSC contractors will know what areas to focus on rectifying first. On top of this, I also strongly advise numbering and taking down notes on the description of the defects so that miscommunication can be minimized.
Note: don't paste tapes on the window glass! The tape became very sticky after prolong exposure to the sun and we had a really hard time removing!! haha..

3)Torchlight and Stool or Ladder
Torchlight is really helpful! It helps to spot defects in those dark areas even in the day like toilets, walkway, kitchen and bomb shelter! In addition, stool or ladders are important for inspecting those high out of reach places. My hubby is quite tall.. so a stool is good enough.. for my height.. I can't reach the ceiling to paste tape!! even standing on a stool!! Lol..

4) Tapping rod or Coins
This is to check for hollow tiles.. Tapping rod gives off a distinct hollow sound when lightly knocked against the hollow tiles.. This is how a tapping rod looks like..
For us.. We don't have any hollow tiles.. I had a hard time checking the toilet and kitchen tiles because we did not manage to get tapping rod and had to use coin.. backache! haha..

5) Cameras
You can use your phone or camera to take close up of the defects. 
Photos are use to document the defects so that we can make a comparison whether anything has been done. It also serves as evidence if there are any disputes. 

6) Chargers
They are used to test the electricity sockets to ensure they are functioning. Remember to check all sockets! I use handphone charger.. ensure it is charging.

7) Ruler or Cards
This is to use to check for gaps in the grout between tiles.. Some look like gaps from far, but after scratching, its actually stain..
We have many gaps in the grout.

8) Parents or Friends
You can ask your parents of friends to help you check the defects. You will be surprise that it will take at least 2 to 3 days to check everything, depending on how kiasu you are. Remember to bring friends who have an excellent eye for details and helpful, not those who only want to KPO and "see see look look" only.

9) Others
Cloth for cleaning, stain remover spray, water buckets to throw water (test the slope), number lock, fan, soap for washing hands, stools for resting, small table to put your belongings, mop/broom to clean floor for better check? since the floor is quite dusty.. very hard to check defects.. Sponge and CIF for scrubbing stains, garbage bag to throw away leaflets? don't be surprise.. you will get lots of leaflets! 

Please feel free to add a comment below to share with other new homeowners the things you think is essential to bring!

Some pointers above credits: 

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