New Zealand Honeymoon Trip in a Nutshell

Our New Zealand Honeymoon Trip in a Nutshell :)

Click below to view Video highlight of our trip:)

Youtube Video done by my hubby <3 <3 <3

A full trip highlight! With sky diving, Campervan, Fox Glacier Helihike.. etc
We had so much fun in New Zealand <3 left our heart and soul there!
Will share our NZ itinerary soon <3

See you on instagram @bigtreeandkoala for now <3 :)
Enjoy your weekend everyone! <3
If you are not tired of seeing our faces more often,
you can follow us on our Youtube: @Bigtreeandkoala too :) haha.. 


Our Wedding Day - Part One

30th April 2016 #khswWedding

Time flies.. almost 6 months since our wedding day :)
Whenever I think back on our big day.. my heart still filled with so much love I feel extremely thankful for all that life have given me thus far.. #grateful

and yup! my hubby and I are officially and finally married after 9 years of courtship.. :)

Photos below credit : Acapella Photography
Warning: lots of portrait pics of me below..
I can't decide which pic is my favourite.. so I upload all.. haha..

This #khswWedding Part One series I only upload the behind the scene pics..
pics before my hubby came over to my place to pick me.. too many pics.. have to split to afew posts if not it will take very long to load :)

To be honest..the night before our wedding, I cannot sleep at all.. I got no idea why..
too nervous? too excited? Too happy? I don't know.. I feel very amazed and surreal that the day I waited for so long is finally here.. I still remember when my hubby and I just started dating 9 years ago.. we felt that wedding was so far away.. back then I just get my O levels results and my hubby who is 3 years older than me just completed his National service.. 
I went to NanYang Poly after my O's while my hubby went to NUS after his National service.
After I graduate I worked in the bank while my hubby graduate one year after me..
When my hubby graduated from NUS I went to pursue my degree! Lol.. delay and delay..
Finally what seems so far away is happening!! haha..

Throwback to 30th April 2016..

at my hubby's place..