BTO Door Opening Ritual Procedure

Hi all,
We just received our keys for our nest today! 30th Sept 2015 :)
Due to overwhelming response, we decided to do a quick draft on the door opening ritual procedures to share with our friendly neighbours and friends..
We hope it helps you a little :) and congrats on your key collection!
Just for your info, we are not "fengshui master" nor expert in this, everyone have different opinions, we are just sharing with you what we actually do today :)
Optional: We did not include burning of joss sticks and incense papers.
Because we are quite "liberal".. thus we mainly do it for the peace of mind!
If you find this post helpful, feel free to share this post with your friends/relatives :)
Because we hate doing research.. that's why we created this blog to share our two cents to our friends and love ones to help them a little :) So that our research effort is not put into waste >.<
We did consult our parents and relatives before deciding on the procedure! :)



The Best Boat Noodles near Victory Monument in Bangkok, Thailand

Hello lovelies,
You MUST try this when you visit Bangkok Thailand next time! :)

The Best of Noodle Boat near Victory Monument
Kway Teow Rua / Kuai Teow Ruea or better known as Boat Noodles are originally sold at river canals on a floating boat. Now, majority of them have moved to the land and the easiest place to find them is at Victory Monument (Military Monument). 
We try asking the locals about the best boat noodles, they also direct us to Victory Monument! 
No doubt.. this is the place you must visit for the best boat noodles! :)
At Victory Monument, there are several stalls selling boat noodles.
But the one that the locals always go to is the stall in the pic below..
This is the number 1 choice for many!
By the way, they are wearing orange shirts! So it is quite easy to identify..


A Day Trip to Wat Pho and Wat Arun, Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho, Wat Arun Travel guide

Hi lovelies,
My husband and I went to explore Wat Pho and Wat Arun December last year :)
and we would like to share with you some humble tips..
Feel free to share this post with your friends :)

What to wear to Wat Pho and Wat Arun:
For ladies, I would suggest you to bring along a long sleeve cardigan and wear a "light material" long pants and do remember to bring along a cap. Visiting Shrine requires all female to wear long pants/skirt, and wear clothes that covers your shoulder..if not you must rent a "sarong" to cover your legs.. For guys they are not so strick, a polo/T-shirt with three quarter pants is alright..

How to get there:
One of the cheapest and easiest way to reach Wat Pho is via the boat ride on the Chao Phraya River. The nearest BTS Skytrain station is Saphan Taksin Station. The Sathorn Pier is just 3 minutes walking distance from Saphan Taksin Station.

How much is the boat tickets:
We brought the one day river pass, which allows us to take unlimited number of boat rides..
It is
150 Baht per person.. there is only one booth selling the tickets.
The single way ticket is only around 10-25 baht (take the boat with orange flag (cheaper), because different flag there is different rate, if I am not wrong the blue flag is the tourist boat with tour guide, it will cost around 40baht per single trip), the single trip ticket is sold on the boat itself.
Here's a pic of our one day river pass..


PasJel Singapore Product Review and Discount Code (Sponsored Post)

Hello lovelies! :)
PasJel is now available in Singapore through !
I am a user of their products before it even reach Singapore!!
Do take note that PasJel Singapore is the Sole Authorized Distributor in Singapore..
Do avoid purchasing from other website as there are imitation products in the market!
Thank you PasJel Singapore for sending me these products :)
I really love the pastel colour packaging! :)


Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sometimes.. when you stop and look around..
This life.. is pretty AMAZING! :)
Been a very long time since I last visited Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve..
The previous time I went was during school days.. I rmb the whole class went to hunt for the monitor lizard, but I am the only one who saw the monitor lizard! LOL.. because I was sick during the school excursion and the teacher in charge ask me to rest at a cafeteria..
To my surprise the monitor lizard crawl into the cafeteria! The auntie working at the cafeteria told me that the monitor lizard is harmless.. hence I sit there and observe the monitor lizard while chatting with the auntie.. aww.. everything seems so yesterday!
Anyway I got no idea why we need to hunt for monitor lizard last time? 
Because I see quite a lot of monitor lizards roaming around during our current visit.. 
Anyway I love the greens!
The greatest pleasures in life often come in the simplest form <3 indeed..
Love off days like this..
x2 New balance! Look at the beautiful pressed flower between us..
Adventure begin..
We saw this beautiful Oriental pied-hornbill..
One of the stranger say she visited Sungei Buloh so many times, but it's her first time seeing the Oriental pied-hornbill.. and in a pair somemore.. beautiful..
The male has a larger casque with few black marks, while the female has a smaller casque with more black marks. The Oriental pied-hornbill is mostly black with a white belly and thighs, and white accents around the eye, on the wing tips and tail..
Love their feathers.. so beautiful!
After walking for sometime, I notice "this head" beside us which gave me a huge shock!
At first glance I thought is ANACONDA's head! HAHAHA
Nah.. is the monitor lizard! LOL!

Monitor lizard have long necks, powerful tails and claws, and well developed limbs.
If I remember correctly, they attack using their when you see their tail curl up.. you better run!
Omg.. so scary..
There are lots of spiders in Sungei Buloh! Below is one of them..
They are really huge! The spider web looks beautiful! 
Before we left, we went to hunt for crocodile!
Spot the crocodile in the pic below..OMG! Initially I was just joking! Never expect to really see a crocodile!

Yup.. that's all for now :)
Been busy lately.. lots of things to look forward to :)
Most prob my hubby and my BTO key collection will be next month end :) Hence we are busy looking for reno ideas and contractors! :) Hehe.
Ok.. see you at our instagram for more updates :)
@bigtreeandkoala! <3