Making of the L.O.V.E sculpture

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written by Big Tree
This L.O.V.E sculpture is specially made for my dearest Koala who in this 7 years never fails to filled my life with love, going through thick and thin together. The sculpture took about 3 months to complete, using every second of my free time. Although the making process is tedious, it is all worth it. =)

The L.O.V.E sculpture is 1.2m tall by 1.2m wide and is 20cm deep. It has 105 photos of us during our 7 years together.


The Surprise Proposal

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Venue - East Coast Park
written by Koala
I always thought my boyfriend will propose to me on our 7th Years Anniversary (14th May 14). I even brought a nice dress and make an appointment to reborn my hair on 1st of May.. -__-"
Being a shy and quiet boyfriend.. I thought he will just bring me to a quiet restaurant and pop that question.. "will you marry me?"
I always thought I am a very sensitive person.. and I will roughly know when my boyfriend will propose to me.. or at least my family members/friends will drop me some hints so that I dress at my best..
But I was completely wrong.. :( I didn't even put much make up that day as I was out the whole morning..doing some work in the office.. and I am dressed in Polo T and shorts because I thought it was just a casual BBQ!.. (kill me please)..
I guess the pictures below speaks a thousand words.. My shock-ed expression.. Unforgettable.. haha.. and I don't know why.. I just felt so touched and I couldn't stop crying.. Tears of joy..
Very thankful to have such a good husband to be! :) Thank you for all the things you have done for me over the years.. unconditional love! People always say my boyfriend is very lucky to have me (don't know why).. but I always think I am super duper lucky.. done tonnes of good deeds last life.. to deserve my dearest husband to be.. :') touched*
Here's my husband-to-be showing off to his friends the L.O.V.E Sculpture he built from scratch..
L.O.V.E filled with our pics.. 
Next post : We will have a "tutorial" by Big Tree to share with you how to build a L.O.V.E Sculpture from scratch..Many of my friends kept asking me.. I have no idea how to do that.. haha