#KHSWHOME Home Tour Vblog

Hello all,
After much procrastination, I decided to post Bigtreeandkoala first youtube video!
I really look very very awkward in the video! *Shy*
But we are lazy to retake.. because it is very hot at our new place.. with no fan.. :( and empty..
Oh ya..This is how our estate look (afew months ago) :) I love the colours of our estate :)

Below are our BTO posts if you missed out previously:

Ep1 Home Tour Before Renovation
Our home is really empty now..We DID NOT opt for BTO tiles..
But somehow they still renovate our kitchen and toilets for us.. -_-"
I really hope many many years down the road.. when we look back at this video.. 
We will realize how far we have come :)
I look forward to see our nest after renovation! It is really not easy to have a home of our own.. lots of planning involved. But yet fun at the same time :) 
Will share more on our renovation soon! :)
Ok..enjoy seeing me awkward >.<
My hubby say he can't stop laughing whenever he watch this video >.<
He say I look very stern.. unlike my usual bubbly, hyper self..
Ok la.. Other than black friday sales.. I show you some entertainment ok?

Link to view youtube (click below):
Below is our floorplan before renovation :)

See you at Instagram @BigTreeAndKoala for now :)
More pics and updates there :) Hope you enjoy my debut video :)
Practice makes perfect! Will do better next time ;)
Till the next! Enjoy your weekend! :)


Sponsored Post: The Artisans Apron Review

I am a pastries lover! 
Loving the beautiful cupcakes from The Artisans Apron!
Most importantly it not only looks good..but taste very good as well!
Thank you The Artisans Apron for sending us the beautiful cupcakes as part of my hubby and my 100months Anniversary celebration :) 

Very beautiful edible blooms/flowers :)
Beautiful cupcakes like these definitely make my day!


The Artisan Apron not only make pretty cupcakes..
they make super beautiful cakes as well.. below are some of my favourite!!
So beautiful!!

aww.. can I have this for my birthday next year? >.< So beautiful..
The flower is edible!! How amazing..

OMG!..I love this too..house party/picnic with edible flowers..
Cupcakes in a bouquet..

Wedding cake! Super Chio!

For more information/photos, you may visit:

Instagram: TheArtisansApron

Feel free to drop them an email, or message if you have some special request :)
They are very friendly and nice people :)


How much do you believe in "Xi Chong Xi" 喜冲喜

Hello all,
My husband and I are getting married in another 5 months time..
and we have a couple of friends getting married before and after us..
Which brings us to today's topic on "Xi Chong Xi"


this is a superstitious Chinese believe saying 4 months before your wedding and 4 months after your wedding, you are NOT supposed to attend other people's wedding..

In direct translation, "Xi Chong Xi" means two auspicious occasion clashing together..
and there is a "saying" if you attend people's wedding 4 months before or 4 months after your wedding, bad things will happen to both couples..
and the **
couple who have their wedding last will be more affected..

I don't know how true is that.. (What is the logic behind that? hmm..)
Although I am not the "PanTang (Superstitious)" type,
but because wedding is a once in a lifetime thing.. and I don't want bad thing to happen to my friend or myself.. that's why I have been thinking about this topic day and night..
To believe or not to believe..
Haha.. there is no right or wrong answer!
In my opinion it is a two way thing.. 
you might not mind, but who knows your friend mind? 
Because his/her own happiness is at stake also..?
I do have a friend who have her wedding before me, but she say her grandparents and parents mind.. so we are not attending each other's wedding.. although we really wish to!


As time goes by, people add their own bits and pieces to their "rules".
Some people believe that is it good luck to be invited, leading to another chinese saying of "Shuang Xi Lin Men (双喜临门)," which means double happiness arriving at the door.
Some say only cannot attend "bai shi (白士)" which means funeral or wakes 4 months before and after your wedding.

As a new generation couple.. we are confused.. >.<
Please share with us and other readers about your view!

I welcome you to share your views with me in this chatbox below :)
meanwhile see you in instagram : Bigtreeandkoala


Vertigo and Moon Bar - Banyan Tree Bangkok Review

Hello lovelies,
I am back from Korea! :) Hope you like the pics and video I posted on our Instagram: @bigtreeandkoala :) We had lots of fun in Korea.. will blog about it when time permits..Alot of backlogs.. >.<
This year passed by super fast for me.. activities after activities..
Feb is my husband and my Solemnization, March - went Bangkok with colleagues, May - went cruise with husband and also went Turkey/Istanbul with colleagues, Oct went Goldcoast with colleagues and Korea with husband -__-" and now that our flat is here.. we really need to settle our renovation soon, before our wedding next year.. but I am glad we are done with our prewedding photoshoot in Korea :) One item down! WooHoo!
I decide to pick this Vertigo and moon bar to blog about before my husband's birthday next month! Can't believe one year passed by just like that.. but this year is one of the most fulfilling year for me thus far :) Super excited over #KHSWHome (Instagram) :)

Vertigo and Moon Bar - Banyan Tree Bangkok

Last year December.. My hubby and I went Vertigo and moon bar @ BanyanTree Bangkok for fine dining :) I made email reservation one month before so that we can get the best seat :)
Located at 61st floor of Banyan Tree Hotel, Vertigo and moon bar offers an al fresco dining experience overlooking the stunning skyline of Bangkok.
This is my 2nd fine dining experience in Bangkok.. I went to Sirocco & Sky Bar @ Lebua Hotel before - rated the 14 best rooftop bars in the world.. will blog about it when time permits :) The dinner at Sirocco & Sky Bar @ Lebua Hotel is the most expensive meal I had in my life thus far! Personal record.. hahaha if you plan to go.. get ready to burn a really big hole in your pocket!
Breathing View.. Shape of a ship..
We had 3 course meal..because we are there to celebrate my hubby's birthday..
Birthday Cake will be served..

Salmon for me..
Beef for hub..
Really love the view.. 
Very cooling at night too.. Lucky I brought my cardigan along :)

Haha.. Last year Decemeber, we are not married yet >.< So is Husband to be..
and the person spelled "Husband wrongly".. haha. 
Forgive them..  because the service is super good!
They even take pics and print it out for us.. 
Birthday boy..

More informations:

There are two timing for dinner, first one is 6pm to 8pm, second one is 8.30pm to 10.30pm.
If you want to have a drink to chill after dinner.. I think second timing is better for you..
We are there from 8pm till 12am.. enjoy the breathtaking view..

Opening Hours: 
Daily (Weather Permitting)
Vertigo Restaurant: 6pm to 11pm
Moon Bar: 5pm to 1am

Dress Code:
Smart Casual, they are very strict with that.. make sure no slippers, flipflops, athletic apparel, torn clothing and even backpacks are not permitted! Gentlemen are requested to wear long trousers, closed shoes and sleeved tops.

21/100 South Sathon Road
Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
BanYan Tree Bangkok, 61st level


For reservation (Click) :

Will share with you another fine dining @ Lebua State Tower, Bangkok soon :)
See you at Instagram: @bigtreeandkoala for now :)