When Two become One

Hello lovelies :)
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you should know that my fiance and my solemnization are just months away! :)
we are all getting excited.. and today both our family members meet to have a casual dinner before our solemnization :)
I would really like to recommend this place my fiance pick for our family gathering :)
 If you are looking at having a private and cosy room for 10 pax, with a good view, good 
ambience, good food that is value for money.. this is the place! Moreover food is served individually.. guys.. you don't have to feel awkward.. whether to serve your parents in law.. serve your parents..serve everyone first and end up eating all the leftovers.. muahaha.
This is the view from our private room..
Day view..


Make Up and Hairdo by Yi Lee from The Style Atelier

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Thanks Charles from AMusephotographer for this collaboration opportunity, Charles was invited by Lomography Singapore to try out their new Petzval Art Lens.. Am honored to be the model.. It was really fun working with him again :)

Went down to The Style Atelier Studio at Keppel Road to have my make up done..
Meet up with Yi Lee, a fun loving, friendly and professional make up artist from The Style Atelier.. I love her personality.. and we click well.. :)
Love the make up and hairdo she did for me too! :)
Check out Yi Lee's portfolio > HERE :)
Lastly.. Thanks SilverLining Bridal Couture for lending us the garden gown! :)

Yi Lee serious at work :)


Building Progress of our Home - Compassvale Boardwalk at Sengkang May 2012 BTO

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written by Big Tree + Koala

Compassvale Boardwalk at Sengkang - May 2012 BTO

Our nest is located at Compassvale Boardwalk, 15 minutes walk from Sengkang MRT station :)
Nearest LRT is Cheng Lim LRT, 1 stop away from Sengkang Station :)
If you are applying for BTO HDB flat, you may want to look at our post -> HERE 
to get a better idea of BTO application process and how much to pay during the application :)
That is only our 2 cents.. but hope it helps you a little :)
This is how our housing estate looks like..
I love the theme - Kelong :) Kampong theme..hehe
Anyway once you select your unit, you can **join your Flat's FaceBook Page to have more first hand information as well as to see your flat building progress :)
Some of the pics below is from our Flat's FaceBook Page - Compassvale Boardwalk Family :)
Thanks to our very "ON" neighbours for sharing the pictures with us :)
At times we also go to the block opposite our housing estate to take pics of the building progress to share in the group :) Hope to know our future neighbours and have gatherings after our house come :)


Application procedures for (BTO) Build To Order Flats

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written by Big Tree + Koala

Dear Friends,
Time flies.. We are at the age of getting house and getting married.. fret not if you are single.. your time will come! :) Many of my friends kept asking me to share about BTO application procedure.. and some of my friends and clients even ask me to advise them if their combine salary can afford a flat? So here's some of my advise based on my personal experience.. -In my opinion.. BTO is every Singaporean's privilege.. no matter how rich you are.. buy a BTO flat first! Is a good form of investment.. unless you hit the income ceiling.. 

My husband-to-be applied the house with me right after he graduate from NUS.. best decision ever! please don't wait till you hit income ceiling then apply for BTO.. moreover BTO usually take 3 - 4 years plus to build.. So maybe after dating for 1.5years to 2 years..you can start looking into BTO application.. provided your relationship is stable.. I have seen a few cases of friends giving up their BTO after applying.. quite sad though.. 

Are you Eligible for BTO?

1.   You must be a Singaporean or one of them must be Singaporean/PR 
2.   You must be at least 21 years old at the time of application 
3.   For 4 room and above, your combine average gross monthly household income must not exceed $10,000. For 3 room or below, your combine average gross monthly household income must not exceed $5,000

For more information on Eligibility Condition, Click > HERE

Procedures and how much to pay when applying?

1) Constantly look out for BTO launches
Normally HDB will have BTO sales launches every 2 months and they will announce it in the newspaper. You can also sign up for their HDB eAlert to automatically receive email/SMS alerts about HDB's sales launches.

When we saw May 2012 BTO launch, we were attracted by the Sengkang launch, because
a.   It is near the MRT
b.   It has 5-room
c.   As Big Tree (My Fiance)  lives in Sengkang, we have a higher chance in the ballot


Behind the scene photoshoot with AMusephotographer

Photoshoot by AMusephotographer 
Car credit:
Jeffrey Wong
For car rental, you may wadsapp me at 9780 6216 to ask for quotation, as the car owner is my friend :) He have other cars for rent too.. all in super good - photo ready condition :)
Feel free to enquire :) I will be out of town from 31 Oct 14 to 8 Nov 14, please text me before or after the trip :) Alternatively you may leave a comment with your email in this post :)
We would like to thanks Charles and Jeffrey for making this photoshoot a huge success! :)
We are really grateful for the perfect weather too.. one day before the photoshoot, the PSI was 100+..I thought we might end up postponing the photoshoot due to haze.. but surprisingly, the next day the haze completely gone. Haha..  Lucky max! :)
Thanks to my dearest Fiance for sewing the blue cardigan for brown and cony =D because we are both wearing a blue cardigan over our shoulder too.. :) Really super duper cute!
And thanks for making the flowers into a bouquet too.. You are the best! I love you! hehe..
I contributed this time!.. I make the "Save The Date" board :)
Should keep our date, time and venue a secret for now :)
Because due to space constraint.. We are only inviting some relatives and close friends..

Location for photoshoot
Thanks Charles for recommending this location! Is near hort park! :)
Definitely need a car to go this place.. and if you are going.. do prepare lots of insect repellent! Haha.. We love this place.. full of greens.. :)

Initially we thought of punggol lalang field..because we both love greens..
but I am super afraid of tall grass.. because I am super scared of snakes =X and I am scared of worms too :( so drop that idea! :) I think we made a better choice by following Charles recommendation! :) No regrets! :)

Some behind the scene pics..

Thanks Jeffrey for taking pics for us! =D He not only drove his car over to let us take pics..
he also took some behind the scene pics for us.. =DCharles perspiring..because he run here and there to take pics for us.. very dedicated photographer! :) Highly recommended! :)

My dearest fiance..
Thank you for loving me so much and doing so much for us :)
Tell me what have I done last life to have you as my husband-to-be.. Love you so much! :)

US - together since 14-May-2007 :)
My life can never be complete without you!
Looking forward to our future!! Lots of good things awaits!! :)
I am so lucky to have you to spend my entire life with..I love you is an understatement! :)
Us with Charles..
Dear friends.. do like his Facebook page at AMusephotographer :)
If you are hiring photographer for events, prewedding, casual photoshoot..etc do feel free to look for him! :) You can Facebook message him! He is very friendly and nice..
I really think he take pride in his work! So far all the pics he send me.. I love it!!
Can't wait to share with you the pics he took for us here when I am back from overseas trip! :)
Moreover Charles offers super competitive price for the fantastic quality pictures! Do check with him for the quotations! :)
You may follow us on instagram to see more pics by AMusephotographer :) Really amazing work! :) We love your work Charles!
Instagram @BigTreeandKoala :) 
Will post more pics from AMusephotographer here :)
Do stay tune for our blog post! :) Do let me know if you are interested in the car rental too! :)
Have a great weekend ahead everyone! :)


PHUKET Part Four - AYARA private Jacuzzi, Swimming pool and Patong beach

“Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair.
That endless summer, take me there.”


Our instagram:@BigTreeAndKoala :)

I miss Ayara Hilltop!!

Ayara Hilltop Part 1.. click HERE to take alook at the resort room =)
Let me show you Ayara Hilltop Swimming pool with Jacuzzi..
We dive into the pool, float there and chill almost everyday..
Something I like most..is.. you can order coconut and drink by the pool side..
That's life yo.. all you care is to chill! Bring me back please..


PHUKET Part Three - Parasailing and Snorkeling Experience

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Phuket Part 3 - Parasailing and Snorkeling Experience
written by Koala
Sea Sports and Activities.. =D Something I looked forward to!! =D
I become super duper tan after busking in the hot sun for 2 full days..
1st day was with TwoSeaTour , this is the 2nd day..but not with TwoSeaTour..
We booked day-tour from our resort..
Lets GOooOO!!
Both in white! Life vest check-ed!


PHUKET Part Two - Exporing Caves, James Bond Island with Two Sea Tour

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Phuket Part 2 - Introducing - "Two Sea Tour!"
written by Koala
If you plan to visit caves and James Bond Island..
I highly recommend Two Sea Tour! :) Fun loving crew, good food on cruise and most importantly they take care of us and ensure safety come first! :)
I really think they value service alot! their crew.. is super fun to be with! You got to book your tour with them to experience it yourself! :)

Thank you Two Sea Tour for this memorable experience! =D

Do visit their Facebook > HERE and visit their website > HERE
Two Sea Tour will send a mini bus to pick you up at your resort..


PHUKET Part One - AYARA Hilltop Boutique Resort and Spa

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Hello lovelies..Happy Midweek!
I am flying off to Taiwan in 15 days time, this time I am going with my colleagues.. Excited!
Is my company (AXA - Altitude Alliance) incentive trip :) HoOooray!! :) :) :)
So I.. suddenly in a mood to blog about travel..Haha..
Many throwback posts coming up.. I really wish to have a blog entry for every trip..
Opps..so now..Lets throwback to July 2014 this year..
After check in luggage.. My Fiance and I immediately go shop for sunglasses..
Brought this sunglasses which I like it alot!! :) Whee..
We decided to go Phuket this time because my fiance have company
discount for AYARA Hilltop Resort! :)
It is rated 4.7 stars out of 5 stars..but personally I give this Resort 5 out of 5 Stars..
Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mandatory Selfie before take off.. wheeEee.. :)


Trick Eye Museum Singapore - 5 Useful Tips to Make the Most Out of the Trip!

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Resort World Sentosa
Trick Eye Museum Singapore -
5 Useful Tips to Make the Most out of the Trip :)
Singapore is NOT a very big country..Together with my fiance for 7years plus, we almost been to every part of Singapore. Thus we decide to be "tourist" for one day to visit the new tourist attraction at Resort World Sentosa - Trick Eye Museum Singapore :)
Just in case you want to know the price of the tickets..
Tadah..see below..



(Ages 13 to 59)

(Ages 4 to 12)

(Ages 60 and above)
One Day Pass

Tickets are available for purchase on-site at the Trick Eye Museum Ticketing Booth. If you prefer to buy your tickets online, we offer you the following convenient options:

▸ S.E.A. Aquarium & Trick Eye Museum Bundle
▸ Adventure Cove Waterpark & Trick Eye Museum Bundle
▸ Trick Eye Museum Day Pass

You can click - HERE , to take a look at the bundle promotions available :)

So are you ready?!?!?! Lets GO!! :)
We went on a weekday morning..so not very crowded..

Us in our new couple T.. haha
5 Useful Tips to Make the Most out of the Trip! :)
Being a "kia su" Singaporean..We must live up to the name..
This 5 tips will allow you to make the most out of the trip.. haha
1. Do note that there is NO toilet or vending machine in trick eye museum.. 
So go to the toilet before you enter and bring along a bottle of water..have your breakfast/lunch or dinner before going in..so that you can stay in the museum as long as possible. Save time.. don't need to walk in and out.
2. Bring along your handphone/camera and a huge dose of imaginations..
because the only thing you can do in trick eye museum is to snap tonnes of pictures and be creative..and  most importantly to make the trip worth it.. hahaha.
Below are some pics to show you what you will expect to see in Trick eye museum..
Many stations for you to take pics..
but try to go during off peak hours to avoid the crowd..

3. For couples, please try to drag your friends along
2 person is quite hard to take pics.. unless you bring along a tripod stand!! but your tripod stand will block other people's way, especially if the place is crowded..
Us :( taking pic for each other..

Phew..the staffs there are helpful enough to help us take pics.. because not many people during off peak hours.. - feeling thankful :)

The Art of LOVE.  Love this pic of us :) 

I look damn Epic..ignore me.. haha.. I am quite funny if you know me in person.. ;)

I think this is one of my fav? quite cute.. at least I get to be bigger and taller than my fiance.. for once.. 

4. Girls.. Wear shorts/pants..No skirt or dress! if not you won't be able to take pics at some stations.. I see some girls feeling sad for not being able to take pics in some stations.. but some.. quite open.. don't mind showing -__-" unglam maximum..lol

5. Please be careful..avoid wearing "slippery material pants".. eg.. sheer material pants.. I almost slip and fall while doing this (below).. Jeans is the best.. Especially those who are bringing kids along.. take care of them in case they slip and fall.. (ok..I am exaggerating, maybe I am the only clumsy person).. -__-"

I look scary here..lol hahaha..

ballerina wannabe..finally got chance to act like one.. muahaha..

Opps.. being lame again.. control me please.. hahaha

I love dolphins :D
Not sharks..

We had lots of fun..

Hope you find the few tips useful.. :) 

Stay Calm and Enjoy your trip to Trick Eye Museum @ Resort World Sentosa :)


We took about 2 hours to finish taking pics at "almost" all the stations.. give yourself sufficient time to make full use of the trip! Make full use of the $25!! :) Hahaha..

Do take a look at all the pics you took..to make sure the alignment is good! So that the pic looks real :) Enjoy!! :) Bring a bottle of water too.. can be quite tiring, climbing up and down..
Yup..Thats all :)

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