Burkill Hall Wedding Garden Solemnization Part One #KHSWROM

Hello friends,
Hope you find our blogpost on The Procedure For Registry Of Marriage useful :)
We finally have the time to sort the photos to share with you on #KHSWROM ❤ :)
It was a small scale event.. we only invited around 70 guests.. mostly relatives..
Sorry if you are not invited!! Our big day is on 30th April 2016! 
We will be inviting more friends and relatives to celebrate our love!! 
Meanwhile please save the date for us! :) Excited much! :)
You may follow us on our Instagram: @Bigtreeandkoala 
to have a sneak peek of our Wedding preparation progress! :)
7 Feb 2015
I am glad to announce that our solemnization was a huge success! 
We are really thankful for the perfect weather that day and of course the vendors we worked with, they really put in their best for us! :) ..but I swear this gonna be my first and last time having an Outdoor Event on an important day! 
I couldn't sleep for one whole week..because I keep thinking..what if it rains..what if it rains..but "heng" never rain! :)
Here's a quick run through of our ROM @ Burkill Hall Botanic Gardens :)
Really very happy that day! Both my husband and I love this place at first sight! :)

Glad everything went smoothly and turned out better than expected! :)

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