Tian Wei Signature : Confinement Food Catering in Singapore

Long time no see..
Unknowingly I am a mother for close to 3 months!
I am getting used to my life as a mummy now!
I almost went crazy after my confinement nanny left.. I thought my world turned upside down!
Haha.. I am not exaggerating!

Breastfeeding and catching up with my supply was tough..taking care of a newborn ALONE without prior experience make it even worse.. My Son's full month celebration was during the CNY period and my hubby went back to work after the CNY week..

You have no idea how bleak I thought my life was! Everyday I see myself forgoing my own needs to meet the demand of my son (Kaisor).

His feeding was every 2 hours then.. I don't even have time to rest! Let alone cook!
I am thankful to have Tian Wei Signature Confinement Food!
Tian Wei Signature is a confinement meal caterer for Mothers during their confinement in Singapore. Some people do confinement for 100 days! So having confinement food even after your confinement is perfectly ok!
Tian Wei Signature stands out from the rest as their menu is prepared by an award winning chef, they have fusion confinement meal incorporated into their menu as well..
Their menu consist of Traditional Confinement Meals, Japanese and Mediterranean cooking style, all using traditional confinement ingredients. In Tian Wei Signature they believe that Confinement Meals are supposed to be creative and exciting, to pamper mothers during this time of recuperation with the essential ingredients for Post Natal Mothers.
You can order their trial set to try..