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The Best of Noodle Boat near Victory Monument
Kway Teow Rua / Kuai Teow Ruea or better known as Boat Noodles are originally sold at river canals on a floating boat. Now, majority of them have moved to the land and the easiest place to find them is at Victory Monument (Military Monument). 
We try asking the locals about the best boat noodles, they also direct us to Victory Monument! 
No doubt.. this is the place you must visit for the best boat noodles! :)
At Victory Monument, there are several stalls selling boat noodles.
But the one that the locals always go to is the stall in the pic below..
This is the number 1 choice for many!
By the way, they are wearing orange shirts! So it is quite easy to identify..
Tadah.. We are here!
Do you know why boat noodles is served in small portions/bowls?

Since it is originally sold on a floating boat..
Most of the vendors continued the practice of serving the noodles in small portions as this was done in the past to prevent the noodles from spilling out of the bowls in choppy waters..

I am drooling while blogging >.<
Finally get to taste the authentic and original boat noodles..
Price list and Menu below :)
It is around 50cents SGD per bowl.. The portion each bowl is quite small?
I think you need at least 5 bowls!! I don't know why they don't have chicken? Haha..
Only Pork, beef..
*** Eat 20 boat noodles to get free 1 litre cola!! Omg! I just saw this while blogging..
Definitely going  back for more! :)

The one in Yen Ta Fo (noodles in pink broth) is not to my liking :( it taste abit sour..

Tadah.. We had a total of 14 bowls..

The friendly auntie there :) Till we meet again! :)

How to go "The best of boat noodles" near Victory Monument in Bangkok? ~

Victory Monument is one of the busiest transportation hub as this is the place whereby buses and vans will bring you to other provinces in Thailand. So you can expect generally high traffic volumes during the day. If you are at Pratunam, you can take a taxi here, it is just 5 to 10 minutes drive away. Alternatively, you can take the BTS (MRT in Singapore terms) to Victory Monument Station and exit via Exit 3.

Walk northwards towards the victory monument, there is a skywalk (Overhead bridge link).
Once you past the monument, look down to the streets and find a stretch of stalls lining the canal.

You will see 3 different  boat noodles shop with their staff wearing  different  shades of t-shit, pink, purple and orange  to differentiate from one another. Once you spot the canal, get down from the nearest flight of stars and walk.

Victory Monument, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400
Daily: 11am – 9pm
+66 (0) 2271 3178

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