Maternity Photoshoot by Mamamiyo Photography

Maternity Photoshoot by Mamamiyo Photography
I had a great photoshoot experience with Mamamiyo Photography!
They specialist in newborn and maternity photoshoot at their cosy studio..
Check out the behind the scene pics my hubby took..
Mamamiyo Photography provide 3 outfits with 3 different settings for you to choose from! :)
You can have different look! They have lots of clothes/gowns selection for you to choose from..
For me my 3 outfits..
1. The Sweet pink gown
Make you look effortlessly sweet and dainty.. Show off your pregnant belly :)

2. The Casual and Sexy look
Go for this look if you prefer to look "at home".. more casual and sexy..

3. The elegant white dress..
I love this dress! Can achieve the elegant and classy look!

Why Mamamiyo Photography?

1. Female photographer + assistant
I am not sure about you.. but I prefer to have female photographer doing more intimate/sensual photoshoot for me.. 

2. Maternity gowns provided (3 Outfits/ 3 settings)
I don't have to think of what to wear.. don't need to buy gowns that I will wear only 1 time..
I can have different look! Not just one look.. Look at the above pics! I can look sweet, look casual and look elegant! They have other outfits for you to choose from as well.. :)

3. Make up and Simple hair styling
If you are someone who don't usually put on make up.. you can top up to get your make up and hair done! A one stop service..

4. Studio setting
Mamamiyo rented the whole condo unit solely for photoshoot purpose! They don't live in the same unit..  Initially I thought is a homebased studio, what if the photographer's husband appear out of no where.. or someone else is at home, what should I do? Lol..but fret not! No one is there to see you! Only photographer, her assistant and your husband! Haha.. and they have toilet for you to change..
I love the natural light and the curtain backdrop!

5. Cleanliness
I love how clean the studio is.. I know some photographers they rent studio at industrial area..
Very dusty.. I really don't foresee myself bringing my baby there for newborn photoshoot!

6. Props
They really have lots of props! Not just for maternity photoshoot.. but newborn photoshoot as well!
Check it out..

They have this fabric sterilizer! Ensure the fabric are clean to use on newborn baby!

7. All photos given back in 4R with basic retouch
Mamamiyo will send you a dropbox link to download the pics.. when I received the pics, I am so pleased with their work! The pics all look so good! You can select 6 pics for further retouch!
I had a hard time selecting the 6 pics.. because all pics look so nice to me even before the further retouch!

Maternity package SGD 428

- 1.5 hrs photoshoot in studio
- 3 outfits with 3 different settings
- Husband and Children can join for free
- Maternity gowns provided
- All photos given back in 4R softcopy with basic retouch
- 6 selected photos given back in hi-reso with further retouch

I find the package super reasonable! You can save $ on the outfits! Because it is provided.. 3 different outfits for you to achieve 3 different look! Plus all images return to you with basic retouch!!!

I have a friend who sign a $188 package (only return 6 pics).. end up she have to buy maternity gown, and she top by $350 to get back all the pics -__-"
Total she pay $538 + maternity gown $46 = $584
and her pic was repetitive, because she only brought one maternity gown -__-"

Pics by Mamamiyo Photography
I will share some pics on my instagram @bigtreeandkoala , pics before further retouch!

Love all the pics by Mamamiyo Photography!
Pregnancy is such a wonderful journey <3 Glad to have this moment captured!
Thank you Mamamiyo Photography for this wonderful photoshoot session <3

Dear readers/friends, do tag your mum-to-be or friends with new born!
Share with them about mamamiyo photography if you love the pics as much as we do <3
They have Newborn family photoshoot as well! Super nice!!

Check out their website for more info : 

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See you on my instagram: @bigtreeandkoala :)

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GAIA products for Mum to be

Hello fellow mum to be,
Have you heard of the brand GAIA (Australian brand) ?
GAIA have a wide range of baby friendly products, ranging from baby shampoo, sleeptime bath, baby moisturiser, baby massage oil, bamboo baby wipes..etc 
GAIA products are especially good for eczema and sensitive skin..
they uses pure, natural and organic ingredients that is good for the baby's skin :)

Other than baby skincare products,
GAIA have a range of products catering for pregnant, new mum-to-be like myself too :)
Do you know that your skin can change significantly when you are pregnant and with hormones fluctuating, this can lead to skin dryness and sensitivities, not to mention the itchiness you get from expanding belly..

Introducing the products I have been using since pregnant! :)


Baby Diary : Pregnancy Update + Gender Reveal

Hello :)
Long time no see..
First of all, we would like to thank each and everyone for sharing our joy! :)
Both my hubby and I received tonnes of congratulatory msg-es after our pregnancy announcement! <3 :) kamsahamnida! hehe..
Time flies.. Unknowingly I am 23 weeks pregnant now!
In another 14-17 weeks I am going to pop!
Both my hubby and I are eagerly looking forward to this new chapter of our lives!
The product of our love! <3 <3 <3

Babymoon update.
Hubby and I just came back from our Baby moon trip.. probably our last trip before the arrival of our baby :) gonna miss going overseas with my best travel buddy - my hubby <3
We had a great time at Santorini and Italy (Milan & Venice) ! <3
Do follow us on our Youtube Channel : @Bigtreeandkoala :)
Travel video coming up soon! haha..
I mean after October baby's fair? For now we need to research on what to buy for our precious baby.. Is super overwhelming being a first time mum and dad!


We are EXPECTING our first BABY

Hi readers and friends,
My hubby and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first baby! :)
We are so excited!!
I am 15 weeks pregnant now, estimated delivery date is January 2018!
We are going to welcome the new year with a new born! Hehe

So how did I found out I am pregnant?
Prior to our Bangkok trip in May.. I use the test kit to test if I am pregant, because I know I will eat lots of junk food and go for daily massage when I am in Bangkok..

To be honest, I was really hoping for a positive test result beacause my hubby and my 10th year anniversary falls on "Mother's Day" this year (14 May 2017)..
I was joking with my hubby.. " Dar, celebrate advance Mother's Day and buy me a stalk of carnation if I am pregnant ok?" Lol..

and it will definitely be a good news for us on our 10th year dating anniversary!!

But sadly it turns out to be Negative :(

10 May 2017
We celebrated our 10th year dating anniversary in advance, because we are flying off to Bangkok with my friends that night..


Gaston Luga - Swedish design lifestyle Backpacks

Gaston Luga

Gaston Luga's backpack is a Swedish design lifestyle backpack..
The brand was founded by Carl who had the vision to design minimalist backpacks.

It began when the founder met a France traveller name Gaston during a trip to a new continent. Gaston told Carl that he believe that a backpack is the optimal companion when discovering the world. This prompted Carl to create a functional and unique backpack that one could bring to travel the world.


Our Wedding Day - Part Five

Our Wedding Day Part Five (Final post)!
I miss our wedding day so much.. #khswWedding ! <3
Next month is our 1st year wedding anniversary!
Will post our wedding video on our humble youtube channel @bigtreeandkoala :)
See you there :) Can subscribe to be first few to view yo.. :)
I watch our proposal, solemnisation, wedding montage, wedding actual day video numerous times.. each time I look back at all the videos, I can't help but feel super thankful for all that life have given me thus far :) <3
Oh ya, hubby redo our New Zealand Honeymoon video, he add in the places we visit..

Click HERE to watch our NewZealand HoneyMoon video :)

Back to our wedding day..


Our Wedding Day - Part Four

Our Wedding Day - Part four!
Haha..I aim to finish the wedding posts before our 1 year Wedding anniversary! :)
AnywaI finally received the final copy of my wedding video few days back!
Close to 10 months to get the final video!! will post on our 1 year wedding anniversary :) 
Previous post:

Another major throwback post to 30th April 2016!
Instagram: #khswWedding

My second outfit : Traditional Kua! Love it :)


At my in law's place..

Back to our home #khswHome :)

Love this pic alot!
Light up the lamp.. omg, our room so empty back then..

Back to my parent's place..

Cute baby Jacey..
My family..

Thank you all for coming <3 <3 <3 :)
Check out baby Jacey on the right.. hahaha..
We have another album for front view portrait pics because we have 2 photographers..
will post the front view pics on facebook soon.. still at the midst of sorting..
:) 2 more months to our first year wedding anniversary!
Most prob celebrate together with our 10years dating anniversary! :)
Can't believe we are together for 10 years!! Where did all the time go!!
:) Have a good day everyone! :)

Part 5 blogpost coming up soon :)
will post some pics on my instagram : @bigtreeandkoala !
See you there :)