Procedure for Registry of Marriage (ROM)

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you should know that my husband and I ROM-ed at our dream location on 7th Feb 2015 (Saturday) after dating for close to 8years :)
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We decide to share with you the

Step by Step guide for Registry of Marriage (ROM) / Solemnization in Singapore
because we were both very blur and we do not know what to do when we decide to file for marriage!
We hope you find this post useful :)
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Have a blissful marrige! :)

A picture of us after collecting our Marriage Cert on (2nd Feb 2015) at the Registry Of Marriage , 5 days before our Solemnization ceremony (on 7th Feb 2015).. 
We held our ROM "outside ROM" (At Botanical Garden) that's why we need to collect our ROM Cert in advance to bring it to our Solemnization venue on our ROM day.
We initially thought the solemnizer will bring the cert there for us.. lol
Anyway this is my first time seeing the sculpture "Real Love Works"..
I always see people posting pics with this sculpture.. and I always thought it was taken at some  famous cafe -_-" Lol