Hello all,
After much procrastination, I decided to post Bigtreeandkoala first youtube video!
I really look very very awkward in the video! *Shy*
But we are lazy to retake.. because it is very hot at our new place.. with no fan.. :( and empty..
Oh ya..This is how our estate look (afew months ago) :) I love the colours of our estate :)

Below are our BTO posts if you missed out previously:

Ep1 Home Tour Before Renovation
Our home is really empty now..We DID NOT opt for BTO tiles..
But somehow they still renovate our kitchen and toilets for us.. -_-"
I really hope many many years down the road.. when we look back at this video.. 
We will realize how far we have come :)
I look forward to see our nest after renovation! It is really not easy to have a home of our own.. lots of planning involved. But yet fun at the same time :) 
Will share more on our renovation soon! :)
Ok..enjoy seeing me awkward >.<
My hubby say he can't stop laughing whenever he watch this video >.<
He say I look very stern.. unlike my usual bubbly, hyper self..
Ok la.. Other than black friday sales.. I show you some entertainment ok?

Link to view youtube (click below):
Below is our floorplan before renovation :)

See you at Instagram @BigTreeAndKoala for now :)
More pics and updates there :) Hope you enjoy my debut video :)
Practice makes perfect! Will do better next time ;)
Till the next! Enjoy your weekend! :)

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  1. HuiQing says:

    Sabrina, your living room looks big. I don't find you awkward at all, maybe because I don't know you. Please share your ID with us, I collecting keys early next year. Thx in advance!

  2. Alex says:

    Damn cute please! Since when you so shy?! House warming soon! Your house so big can invite more people..

  3. Regina Qiu says:

    Your corridoor! Damn big la! Envy!!!!!!!!! Your masterbedroom don't have beam?! Your house layout really very good!

  4. Unknown says:

    Hi, I be getting my keys next Monday. Like to ask which tiles company and ID company did you all contact ?
    Any recommended company ?

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