Hi all,
We just received our keys for our nest today! 30th Sept 2015 :)
Due to overwhelming response, we decided to do a quick draft on the door opening ritual procedures to share with our friendly neighbours and friends..
We hope it helps you a little :) and congrats on your key collection!
Just for your info, we are not "fengshui master" nor expert in this, everyone have different opinions, we are just sharing with you what we actually do today :)
Optional: We did not include burning of joss sticks and incense papers.
Because we are quite "liberal".. thus we mainly do it for the peace of mind!
If you find this post helpful, feel free to share this post with your friends/relatives :)
Because we hate doing research.. that's why we created this blog to share our two cents to our friends and love ones to help them a little :) So that our research effort is not put into waste >.<
We did consult our parents and relatives before deciding on the procedure! :)


Choose a good date/time for first time door opening.
For us we use this website to do a check > http://www.mastersung.com/almanac/
Just key in your key collection date on the left..
Make sure Zodiac never clash..
Even if Zodiac clash is alright, you can keep the keys first and open the door another date/time :)

Procedure for initial opening of door:

  1. Knock the door 3 times, say auspicious things (up to individual what you want to say)
    1. 开门大吉
    2. 甜甜蜜蜜
    3. 幸福美满
    4. 身体健康
    5. 永远快乐
    6. 平安发财
    7. Huat ar
  2. Open door, roll 1 pineapple in (bowling style) while continue saying auspicious things

  3. Use the pineapple to roll around the house (excluding the toilet)

  4. Mix uncooked rice, sea salt, tea leaves (Tie Guan Yin) and green beans and scatter ALL around the house (including toilet and yard). The process of scattering the "Rice and Green beans" means sowing of wealth around the house :) and the "Sea salt and Tea leaves" means chasing away the evils :)
This is what we brought..
Mixing in progress..

  1. Proceed to the center of the living room and put the following items:
    1. 1 huat kuey (brown, yellow or orange) DO NOT PUT WHITE! 
    2. 1 red packet with 8 one dollar coins 
    3. 5 red apples
    4. 5 oranges 
    5. 1 bunch of banana
    6. 1 bunch of grapes (purple or reddish only)
    7. 1 box of strawberries
    8. 1 packet tea leaves (tie kuan yin)
    9. A dish with wet cotton wool, water with green beans for germinating, let it grow into bean sprouts, this process symbolic "growth" and have some "yang qi" at home.
    Note: For fruits you can decide on your own, preferably buy 5 or in a bunch.
    But no pears allow!

  1. Go to the 4 corners of the house and put the following items
    1. A cup of white vinegar
    2. 2 oranges
    3. 1 red packet with 8 one dollar coins inside at 4 corners of the house (for our floor plan, 2 in living room, 2 in master bedroom)
    Note: you may refer to your own floor plan to see where is the 4 corners. For us the 2 corners is the master bedroom, another 2 corners is in the living room (1 behind the door, another one near the window).

  1. Last step, put the following items at the gas outlet
    1. 1 huat kuey (brown, yellow or orange)
    2. 1 red packet with 8 one dollar coins
    Note: Can place in the middle of the kitchen if you are unsure where is the gas outlet.
Go ahead to check defects..walk around the house..
Before you leave the house, you can bring the fruits in the living room back.. except the pineapple (leave it there), the rest you may leave it in the house (the oranges at the 4 corners do not bring back too).

Do not sweep/enter the house for 3 days after placement (count 3 days excluding the day you perform the "ritual") After 3 days, clear everything and use the red packet $ to buy sweets or sweet drinks for own or family consumption.

Extra things to take note:
  1. Try to perform the ritual with your partner alone, or with immediate family members, do not include outsiders. Ensure no one's zodiac clash!
  2. Fruits need to be eaten or thrown away. Do not give it to other people
  3. Money in the red packet use to buy sweets or sweet drinks for family consumption, can buy ice cream too, as long as it is to buy something sweet "甜甜蜜蜜"
  4. If green beans does not sprout, place it at somewhere with light, even after three days you can still add water, make sure it grows. After one week, you may throw it away.
  1. 1 pineapple
  2. 1 packet of rice
  3. 1 packet of sea salt
  4. 2 packets of tie kuan ying
  5. 1 packet of green beans
  6. 2 huat kuey (brown, yellow or orange)
  7. 6 red packets with 8 one dollar coins in each red packet (total 48 one dollar coins)
  8. 5 red apples
  9. 13 oranges
  10. 1 bunch of bananas
  11. 1 bunch of purple or reddish grapes
  12. 1 box of strawberries
  13. 1 dish with cotton wool (For the planting of green beans)
  14. 1 bottle of vinegar
  15. Bring 1 or 2 containers for mixing of green beans, rice..etc
  16. Bring picnic mat or stool (So that you can sit and rest)
  17. Bring water! (weather is super hot, you definitely need to drink water for sure!)
  18. Bring a door stopper if you want.. if not the door will auto close, no wind.

We wish everyone a smooth key collection day! Huat ah! :)
Feel free to leave a comment below for input, steps that we missed out.. to benefit other readers :) We can't turn back time.. but we believe this is the same procedure we will do even if we are able to turn back the clock.. because we really read lots of forums, FengShui website.. for all the steps here! and we try to find all the "logic" behind all the steps.. We hope it helps you little :) Feel free to share this post with your friends/love ones :)

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  1. Neighbour :) says:

    Thanks for sharing with us Sabrina, very informative! Hope to see you around:-)

  2. Casey says:

    Cool! Thanks!

  3. WeiQian says:

    Nice one lah! We also liberal, but cannot don't do anything.
    Will follow what you do! Thanks sweet couple!

  4. Unknown says:

    May I check why no pears allowed?

  5. Unknown says:

    May I check why no pears allowed?

  6. Master Sung says:

    Thank you for your feature Bigtreeandkoala. Pears not allow because of it's colour.. Usually green, pale white, or yellowish. You will need to get more auspicious colour fruits like the ones mentioned above.

  7. Unknown says:

    Pear in chinese read as "Li" meaning separation.
    So is no good.

  8. QQ says:

    Cool! Thanks for the helpful information! Will follow ur procedure..

  9. Unknown says:

    It is very useful for us. Thanks Sabrina for your kind sharing.

  10. Unknown says:

    Hi do you know if preggie allow to do the ceremony? Cos im currently pregnant not sure if we should go collect the keys..

  11. Anonymous says:

    hi, Do we need to do something also if we needing to lay tiles on the floor... (as they called it

  12. Anonymous says:

    Rem to do a 1 min handstand and 3 somersaults too ��

  13. RuiXuan says:

    I think Preggie should avoid renovation, not the ceremony. This is to pay respect, shouldn't be a problem Rain Chien :)

  14. Unknown says:

    Thanks for sharing. We'll be getting our keys very soon and this will be a great help.

  15. lai says:
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  16. Anonymous says:

    Then how about the pineapple after 3 days? What to do with it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the informative post once again! You both rocks! Stay lovely and see you both around Sengkang! Very outstanding couple!

  18. May I know how to see which is the corners of the room to place the oranges?

  19. HuiWen and Kelvin says:

    Thanks so much! Sweetest couple ever!

  20. Pagoda says:

    Nice, 祝福百年好合!

  21. Unknown says:

    Thanks for the details !!! :)

  22. Denlicia says:

    Hello. Shouldn't it be white rice wine instead of white vinegar ? :)

  23. Tracy Han says:

    I hear many version, yours still the best! Thanks for sharing! Followed you on Instagram, have fun in Australia babe!

  24. Jan says:

    Hello! May I ask if the items must be left there for at least 3 days? Any repercussions if less than that?

  25. Shirley says:

    Hi! There are total $48 $1 coins are we supposed to use all $48 to buy sweet stuffs? And must it be paid with the $1 coins only?

    Thanks for sharing anyway! Will be using your method for our opening ceremony this coming fri! :)

  26. Unknown says:

    Hi, do you mind i share your door opening ritual articles on ooork kopitalk? http://www.ooork.com/kopi-talk/ so that more new homeowner can get to read? Will credit the source is from you :)

  27. Hi, go ahead and share :) credit us will do :)

  28. Hi Big T&K, we are known as Koala & Tree, not copycat (confess), just that we thot that koala likes to hug trees, hence, as a loving couple is fit us nicely. Lol
    But really dun know why you chosen BT&K for yours, care to share?

    Well, after coming across your blog on the door opening ritual, we're impressed and wow, knowing nuts about how to go about, we find this information really awesome, useful and there is kind soul out there care enough to share.

    Yes, we'll be collecting our keys today and we'll be following your ODR! Huat ah.....

  29. Wow. Such a coincidence! :) haha.. Great minds think alike? :)

    We chose big tree and koala because my husband is much taller than me.. And I like to cling on him like a koala >.< Been calling him big tree darling since we dated 8years plus ago. Haha

    Congrats! Hope you have done your defects check? I blog about defects checks too. You can check it out :)

  30. Unknown says:

    Hi! This info is extremely useful! May i know why must i leave the oranges there for 3 days? Is it ok i take away?

  31. Unknown says:

    why cannot go back to the house for 3 days ?

  32. Unknown says:

    why cannot go back to the house for 3 days ?

  33. Anonymous says:

    you aren't supposed to take picture also as part of the ritual. it subjugates the evil spirits within the house

  34. Anonymous says:

    actually is each room one dollar coin as it have ba gua on the one dollar coin not inside red packet... fruit that enough last 3 day and vinegar must be black , vinegar inside a plastic or paper cup after 3 day if you see the cup spill then is not a good sight

  35. According to yr http://www.mastersung.com/almanac/index?date=2016-4-16 , which is the chinese word that says can do the open door ritual?? Tks

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hi! May i know the $1 coins does it have to be old $1 coins or new coins also can?

  37. Peter Tan says:

    Hi Big Tree and Koala,
    For the past few months, I have been searching and searching, and researching for ideas, information and procedures on what to do when me and my wife get my new HDB BTO house keys. This is the first time, I am getting a new BTO house keys from HDB. Finally, the day has come. I will be proceeding to HDB Hub on 24th November 2016, Thursday morning to collect my new HDB house keys. My new house will be at Bendemeer Light, Bendemeer Road.
    I am Christian, therefore, I will not be burning of joss sticks and incense papers.
    Yes, I am also Liberal. As I have lived in America, U.S.A. in the past, therefore, I know what liberal is like. I am mainly doing it for the Peace Of Mind!
    Thank you for your ideas, very details. It was very useful and informative !
    Thank you and appreciated.
    Hope to see you around
    God Bless you Both
    Cheers :-)

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Thanks for the infor.

    Can I check if it is required to throw the rice mixture in store room also? how about the 4 corners of the house if say, the store is located near to the entrance or is part of the living room?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hi, may i know, if i open the door before 7th month, and after 7th month finishes, do i need to perform again another same ritual?
    And, for the 4 corners, if my bomb shelter is located in living room, do consider 1 of the corner inside the bomb shelter?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi, may i know, if i open the door before 7th month and perform the ritual and clean after 3 days, do i still need to perform another same ritual after the 7th month before I start the renovation construction?
    And, for the 4 corners, if my bomb shelter is located in living room, do consider 1 of the corner inside the bomb shelter?

  41. babychloe says:

    Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for sharing this! It's been most helpful when we did our opening ceremony last week. Appreciate it!

  42. J Razak says:

    Thanks for sharing this very informative subject. BTW, I would appreciate if you could post what are the "rituals" before starting to do renovation works. GOD blessed you both.

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