Hi readers and friends,
My hubby and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first baby! :)
We are so excited!!
I am 15 weeks pregnant now, estimated delivery date is January 2018!
We are going to welcome the new year with a new born! Hehe

So how did I found out I am pregnant?
Prior to our Bangkok trip in May.. I use the test kit to test if I am pregant, because I know I will eat lots of junk food and go for daily massage when I am in Bangkok..

To be honest, I was really hoping for a positive test result beacause my hubby and my 10th year anniversary falls on "Mother's Day" this year (14 May 2017)..
I was joking with my hubby.. " Dar, celebrate advance Mother's Day and buy me a stalk of carnation if I am pregnant ok?" Lol..

and it will definitely be a good news for us on our 10th year dating anniversary!!

But sadly it turns out to be Negative :(

10 May 2017
We celebrated our 10th year dating anniversary in advance, because we are flying off to Bangkok with my friends that night..

Haha.. a gift from my sweet hubby..
My name very long hor? To my wifey koala darling Sabrina Seah Shi Wei.. lol
Cute max..

 My gift from le Hub <3
Love it.. totally my style.. Simple and nice..

A picture of us.. 十年一路走来.. 一起变老..

In Bangkok
I am glad this trip with my friends and hubby distract me.. I totally forget about the negative test result.. I just enjoy myself there, shopping, massage, eat and eat and eat non stop..

I had all the junk food as usual, raw oysters (I really love the raw oyster at Neon Market! lol), my fav extotic food - Sotong Squid eggs at Chatuchak market, all the street food ranging from prawns (my fav also lol), salted fish.. etc had Corona Extra and even went for full body massage for 5 times in total!!

Yes! Without knowing I am already PREGNANT! Hahaha..
不知者无罪 indeed..

Back in Singapore
I don't feel pregnant at all when I was in Bangkok.. enjoy every moment there..
But when I reach home that night.. I feel super bloated..
We touch down in sg late at night, only managed to reach home and go to bed at around
1 plus am.. Hubby have to work the next day, so I don't want to disturb his sleep..

2am.. I wait for the bloatness to go away.. 3am.. I still feel super bloated..
I only had beef meal on SQ flight back.. the portion is not big enough to make me feel so bloated.. I big eater leh..

I was puzzled.. still wide awake at 3plus am.. I went to google.. "bloated.. pregnancy?"

I jumped out of my bed when I saw one of the early pregnancy symptom was abdominal bloating!! I only know sore breast or spotting are one of the symptom! but I don't have sore breast or spotting.. plus the negative test result.. I did not suspect I am pregnant at all!

Moment of truth
This is what I saw.. ok.. don't refer to the Clearblue test kit on top.. I bought the clearblue pregnancy test kit the next day..

I used the green test strips my female client gave to me (after her pregnancy) to test..

I wasn't very convinced, so I open another 2 test strips to test.. all 3 show a very faint line..

The whole time.. my mouth was wide open.. in shock!!

Time stood still for awhile.. I literally stone while seating on the toilet bowl.. lol

my mind kept thinking.. "what to do now.. omg.. what to do now.."

I went to look at my hubby.. he look so cute in his deep sleep.. haha..
I don't want to wake him up, because he need to wake up in 2 hours time for work..

I know he will be super happy and excited if he know I am pregnant..
I want to make sure I am "really pregnant" before I announce to him..

So I bought 2 clear blue test kit to make sure I am really pregnant..
My heart was in my mouth while waiting for the clear blue test kit to show the result..
I am finally convinced I am pregnant!! I literally let out a "OMG! 我有了!!!"
I secretly hope my neighbour never heard my shouting.. lol

Ok..so.. How I break the news to my Hubby..
My hubby bought me a gift on our 10th year dating anniversary..
so it will appear quite normal if I buy him a gift in return.. ehh.. although most of the times my hubby buy me gifts, but I never buy for him in return la.. haha..

But since is our 10th year dating anniversary, plus the previous test kit show negative..
I am sure my hubby won't suspect..

This is what I wrote.. and my drawing = forever childish.. haha

I dare not read.. everytime I read the msg I wrote for my hub.. I feel like crying!
My dream came true you see..

 I covered the test kit with the shredded paper..

Here comes my hubby..
I waited for my hubby to reach home from work.. then surprise him with the gift..

Video below! Must watch! Check out my hubby's priceless reaction!!
Remember to turn on the video volume.. haha
I totally caught him off guard!! Look at how his expression change after he read the message I wrote..

I can watch this video a thousand times and still cry!! Tears of joy..

Guess what happen to my hubby after this video?!
He started crying non stop.. He told me he don't know why he cannot control his tears.. he was too touched and happy!! He hugged me and cry non stop.. kept asking me to take care of myself.. etc.. Haiyo.. make me cry again..

I don't know how to describe.. I felt so blessed that moment..
Time comes to a standstill.. I feel so happy and blessed.. so thankful for all the things life have given me.. I am most thankful to have my lifelong partner, my hubby, my happiness.. and now our little one.. <3

This is a photo of us after we cool down.. aww.. my eyes look so puffy here..
but my hubby is the one who cry more than me..
is that the advantage of having smaller eyes? haha.

We look forward to this new role as "Dad and Mum".. We know parenthood is not an easy journey.. But we will definitely give our 100% to our baby..
Baby,爸爸和妈妈爱你哦! <3

Next blog post: Gender reveal.. are you excited? haha..

See you on our instagram: @bigtreeandkoala for now :)

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    Congrats my fav couple.. I cried watching the video! Stay blessed always Sw!!

    WenShan here, cannot insert my name because I don't have a blog account

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