Gaston Luga

Gaston Luga's backpack is a Swedish design lifestyle backpack..
The brand was founded by Carl who had the vision to design minimalist backpacks.

It began when the founder met a France traveller name Gaston during a trip to a new continent. Gaston told Carl that he believe that a backpack is the optimal companion when discovering the world. This prompted Carl to create a functional and unique backpack that one could bring to travel the world.

Thank you Gaston Luga for having me <3
This PrĂ¥per - Black backpack was love at first sight :) While browsing through the website to select a backpack of my choice, this one caught my attention most! But I have to admit, there are other nice designs that caught my attention as well, but somehow I prefer this.. 

Gaston Luga provides free shipping to many parts of the world.
There are many designs for both men and women and also accessories to match.

The backpack come in three designs : 1. Classy 2. Praper 3. Classic!
Each with a range of colour choices.

I love how sleek and classy this backpack look! <3 very elegant!

This backpack come with a metal hook closure..
there are 4 holes for you to secure the metal buckle into..

Drawstring closure.. The inner lining of the bag is red for this design..
Some inner lining is black or pink! Do take note if the inner lining matters to you..

There is a metal ring holder for you to dress your backpack with Gaston Luga's leather address tag.. You can check-in this bag when travelling..

Interior with 13-15" laptop sleeve and two pockets..

Adjustable should straps.. depending on your height you can adjust the strap to fit you..
Metal stand on 4 corners of the bag, you can leave your bagpack on the floor..

Hidden passport and ticket pocket for convenience when you travel..
Don't need to open the bag and find your passport, travel tickets..etc

This backpack is good for travel as well as for leisure or even for work!
I love the design so much! <3

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Note: Above is just a sample check out, my backpack is Praper Black,
NOT classic Black & Black..
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*This is a sponsored post, but my love for this backpack is real*
All pics above by my hubby @kia_heng <3

Cheers! and have a great week ahead :)

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