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Phuket Part 3 - Parasailing and Snorkeling Experience
written by Koala
Sea Sports and Activities.. =D Something I looked forward to!! =D
I become super duper tan after busking in the hot sun for 2 full days..
1st day was with TwoSeaTour , this is the 2nd day..but not with TwoSeaTour..
We booked day-tour from our resort..
Lets GOooOO!!
Both in white! Life vest check-ed!
Speed boat..
Snorkeling.. never see any fish..water not clear at all :(
Time to plan Maldives trip soon..maybe after our solemnization next year.. =D
Because it took me 3 months to get back to my normal skin tone..although I like being tan..
but I hate my tan lines!
Swim to the middle of the sea =X

My first solo Parasailing Experience! 
landing fail.. please request for someone to fly up with you..because it is really not easy to land safely especially if it is super windy..

Oh man..I can't wait for my next trip..
I love the Sun, Sand and Beach!
Last post for Phuket will be on Ayara resort facilities..the indoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool! 
Stay tune! :)

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