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Hello lovelies..Happy Midweek!
I am flying off to Taiwan in 15 days time, this time I am going with my colleagues.. Excited!
Is my company (AXA - Altitude Alliance) incentive trip :) HoOooray!! :) :) :)
So I.. suddenly in a mood to blog about travel..Haha..
Many throwback posts coming up.. I really wish to have a blog entry for every trip..
- now..Lets throwback to July 2014 this year..
After check in luggage.. My Fiance and I immediately go shop for sunglasses..
Brought this sunglasses which I like it alot!! :) Whee..
We decided to go Phuket this time because my fiance have company
discount for AYARA Hilltop Resort! :)
It is rated 4.7 stars out of 5 stars..but personally I give this Resort 5 out of 5 Stars..
Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mandatory Selfie before take off.. wheeEee.. :)

After approx 1 hour Taxi Ride to AYARA Hilltop Resort..
We are..
Greeted with pretty flowers and drinks when we arrive.. 

This is what I call service!!

Magnificent view! From our room..
With private outdoor Jacuzzi!! Totally impressed..

Living room..
My husband to be watch soccer here everyday.. -__-"

Star gazing and heart to heart talk..
I want to go back to this resort again!! Definitely worth second visit!!

Bathtub that looks like a giant squatting toilet bowl.. from pic.. hahaha
Us..  ready for our day 1 itinerary..
Our usual day 1 itinerary is to get familiar with the surroundings and place..
Nothing fantastic around the resort.. except 7 eleven and a beach =D
Brought lots of snacks back for supper.. :)

So blue everywhere.. hehe..
Our poolside dinner at Ayara Hilltop resort..
Their snacks.. Super good.. haha..
My Fav.. Prawnz! =D I can't live without eating prawns.. Lol
I secretly wish I won't turn into a prawn next life :(

Awesome food.. Can I eat this everyday?
Come back to our blog for Part 2!!
Goodnight! :)

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  1. Christ says:

    Nice resort. Thanks 4 sharing. Great looking couple. God send!

  2. Hui Ling says:

    Wa lau.. I wonder how much to pay to stay in such resort. Atas sio..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very rich!! This resort damn expensive!!

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