Photoshoot by AMusephotographer 
Car credit:
Jeffrey Wong
For car rental, you may wadsapp me at 9780 6216 to ask for quotation, as the car owner is my friend :) He have other cars for rent too.. all in super good - photo ready condition :)
Feel free to enquire :) I will be out of town from 31 Oct 14 to 8 Nov 14, please text me before or after the trip :) Alternatively you may leave a comment with your email in this post :)
We would like to thanks Charles and Jeffrey for making this photoshoot a huge success! :)
We are really grateful for the perfect weather too.. one day before the photoshoot, the PSI was 100+..I thought we might end up postponing the photoshoot due to haze.. but surprisingly, the next day the haze completely gone. Haha..  Lucky max! :)
Thanks to my dearest Fiance for sewing the blue cardigan for brown and cony =D because we are both wearing a blue cardigan over our shoulder too.. :) Really super duper cute!
And thanks for making the flowers into a bouquet too.. You are the best! I love you! hehe..
I contributed this time!.. I make the "Save The Date" board :)
Should keep our date, time and venue a secret for now :)
Because due to space constraint.. We are only inviting some relatives and close friends..

Location for photoshoot
Thanks Charles for recommending this location! Is near hort park! :)
Definitely need a car to go this place.. and if you are going.. do prepare lots of insect repellent! Haha.. We love this place.. full of greens.. :)

Initially we thought of punggol lalang field..because we both love greens..
but I am super afraid of tall grass.. because I am super scared of snakes =X and I am scared of worms too :( so drop that idea! :) I think we made a better choice by following Charles recommendation! :) No regrets! :)

Some behind the scene pics..

Thanks Jeffrey for taking pics for us! =D He not only drove his car over to let us take pics..
he also took some behind the scene pics for us.. =DCharles perspiring..because he run here and there to take pics for us.. very dedicated photographer! :) Highly recommended! :)

My dearest fiance..
Thank you for loving me so much and doing so much for us :)
Tell me what have I done last life to have you as my husband-to-be.. Love you so much! :)

US - together since 14-May-2007 :)
My life can never be complete without you!
Looking forward to our future!! Lots of good things awaits!! :)
I am so lucky to have you to spend my entire life with..I love you is an understatement! :)
Us with Charles..
Dear friends.. do like his Facebook page at AMusephotographer :)
If you are hiring photographer for events, prewedding, casual photoshoot..etc do feel free to look for him! :) You can Facebook message him! He is very friendly and nice..
I really think he take pride in his work! So far all the pics he send me.. I love it!!
Can't wait to share with you the pics he took for us here when I am back from overseas trip! :)
Moreover Charles offers super competitive price for the fantastic quality pictures! Do check with him for the quotations! :)
You may follow us on instagram to see more pics by AMusephotographer :) Really amazing work! :) We love your work Charles!
Instagram @BigTreeandKoala :) 
Will post more pics from AMusephotographer here :)
Do stay tune for our blog post! :) Do let me know if you are interested in the car rental too! :)
Have a great weekend ahead everyone! :)

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  1. Hui Ling says:

    Good looking couple.. both so good looking! Are both of you models? How do I go about hiring both of you as couple wear blogshop models?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice props! I love ur tone legs! How you maintain?

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