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Resort World Sentosa
Trick Eye Museum Singapore -
5 Useful Tips to Make the Most out of the Trip :)
Singapore is NOT a very big country..Together with my fiance for 7years plus, we almost been to every part of Singapore. Thus we decide to be "tourist" for one day to visit the new tourist attraction at Resort World Sentosa - Trick Eye Museum Singapore :)
Just in case you want to know the price of the tickets..
Tadah..see below..



(Ages 13 to 59)

(Ages 4 to 12)

(Ages 60 and above)
One Day Pass

Tickets are available for purchase on-site at the Trick Eye Museum Ticketing Booth. If you prefer to buy your tickets online, we offer you the following convenient options:

▸ S.E.A. Aquarium & Trick Eye Museum Bundle
▸ Adventure Cove Waterpark & Trick Eye Museum Bundle
▸ Trick Eye Museum Day Pass

You can click - HERE , to take a look at the bundle promotions available :)

So are you ready?!?!?! Lets GO!! :)
We went on a weekday not very crowded..

Us in our new couple T.. haha
5 Useful Tips to Make the Most out of the Trip! :)
Being a "kia su" Singaporean..We must live up to the name..
This 5 tips will allow you to make the most out of the trip.. haha
1. Do note that there is NO toilet or vending machine in trick eye museum.. 
So go to the toilet before you enter and bring along a bottle of water..have your breakfast/lunch or dinner before going that you can stay in the museum as long as possible. Save time.. don't need to walk in and out.
2. Bring along your handphone/camera and a huge dose of imaginations..
because the only thing you can do in trick eye museum is to snap tonnes of pictures and be creative..and  most importantly to make the trip worth it.. hahaha.
Below are some pics to show you what you will expect to see in Trick eye museum..
Many stations for you to take pics..
but try to go during off peak hours to avoid the crowd..

3. For couples, please try to drag your friends along
2 person is quite hard to take pics.. unless you bring along a tripod stand!! but your tripod stand will block other people's way, especially if the place is crowded..
Us :( taking pic for each other..

Phew..the staffs there are helpful enough to help us take pics.. because not many people during off peak hours.. - feeling thankful :)

The Art of LOVE.  Love this pic of us :) 

I look damn Epic..ignore me.. haha.. I am quite funny if you know me in person.. ;)

I think this is one of my fav? quite cute.. at least I get to be bigger and taller than my fiance.. for once.. 

4. Girls.. Wear shorts/pants..No skirt or dress! if not you won't be able to take pics at some stations.. I see some girls feeling sad for not being able to take pics in some stations.. but some.. quite open.. don't mind showing -__-" unglam

5. Please be careful..avoid wearing "slippery material pants".. eg.. sheer material pants.. I almost slip and fall while doing this (below).. Jeans is the best.. Especially those who are bringing kids along.. take care of them in case they slip and fall.. (ok..I am exaggerating, maybe I am the only clumsy person).. -__-"

I look scary hahaha..

ballerina wannabe..finally got chance to act like one.. muahaha..

Opps.. being lame again.. control me please.. hahaha

I love dolphins :D
Not sharks..

We had lots of fun..

Hope you find the few tips useful.. :) 

Stay Calm and Enjoy your trip to Trick Eye Museum @ Resort World Sentosa :)


We took about 2 hours to finish taking pics at "almost" all the stations.. give yourself sufficient time to make full use of the trip! Make full use of the $25!! :) Hahaha..

Do take a look at all the pics you make sure the alignment is good! So that the pic looks real :) Enjoy!! :) Bring a bottle of water too.. can be quite tiring, climbing up and down..
Yup..Thats all :)

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