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written by Koala on behalf of Big Tree
When my fiance told me where he get the proposal ideas from.. I could't stop laughing at his reply.. Hahaha I can't believe he still remembered what I said 7+ years ago..touched*
7+ years ago I watched this drama 偷偷爱你 (Blind Romance) (1996).. At that time I was only 18 years old.. so please pardon me for being childish! Hahaha.. I told my boyfriend about this movie 偷偷爱你 (Blind Romance) (1996).. 
You can watch the first 5 mins and last 5 mins of this movie to get a clearer picture of my childish-ness -__-" Hahaha : 

I told him I am very very disappointed.. because this only happen in fairy tale..
No one will use carriage to pick up their girlfriend..
So that's where my fiance get the idea from.. he told me 7+ years ago.. he already made up his mind to propose to me by picking me up in a carriage.. hahaha..sweet maximum! :)
So below is the inspirational pic of the carriage my fiance found online:

Below is the modern version with our name & cute brown with a huge huge ring:

Being with you.. is a beautiful dream come true :)
Thanks for being so so sweet! hahaha. Cute max!

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