Hello :)
Ermm.. In case you are wondering.. 
38 weeks plus pregnant now!! No sign of labor yet (-__-)"
Should have work till I give birth (-__-)" 
So bored waiting at home!! Haha..
 Since 37 weeks, gynae say is anytime now!!
But never say when leh.. when ah?! Lol
My estimated due date - 18 Jan 18
Which means in 10 days or less I am going to become a mother?
Haha.. very hard to register the fact that I am going to become a mother soon.. 
Mother like sound very old leh.. I still feel young at heart.. Lol
Took some pics to document my last few weeks of pregnancy..

Can't wait to meet our son in afew days time.. my hubby super excited.. I dare not call him during his work hours.. I scared he will rush home.. Lol
Looking back.. 
Human body is so amazing..
At 10 weeks our baby is only the size of a poppy seed.. look at his transformation!
Can't help feeling proud of him.. hehe.. Thank you for being strong baby..
It feels like yesterday I announced my pregnancy!!
Check out the post HERE !!
Can't believe I spent close to 9 months in 2017 pregnant!! Haha..
In a blink of an eye.. is 2018 already!!
This year is a special year for us.. as my hubby and I are stepping into parenthood!!
Really a lot to learn in this journey!! <3
Very glad to be pregnant around the same time as my close friends, Vivian, HuiJia, Yaling and my new friend Cecilia.. Thankful to have them in this journey with me <3 
And I think I will miss my huge belly and all my pregnancy privileges!!
I realize people are generally nicer to pregnant ladies..
#babybump 我会想你的
I think I will miss talking to my baby everyday..
I remember when my babybump was not so obvious.. people thought I am talking to myself..
This 👆🏻 is my fav pose lo.. 
act 一个 demure mum to be.. but I probably is 母老虎一个 🐯
Can't wait to meet you, baby.. hehe :)
You are gonna be so well loved by everyone in the family.. <3
Can't wait to offload baby out!! Hahaha..
Took some pics with le hubby..
Can't believe we are soon-to-be parents!!
The caption "gynae say is anytime now" make me Super busy leh.. 
have to explain and reply to friends saying " I haven't give birth everyday" haha..
I love our instagram hashtag: #Lau爸Lau
Act yi ge disbelief/surprise..
Papa and Mama can't wait to see you, baby!! Faster come out leh..
Your mama tummy exploding soon..

Hehe..after more than 10.5years of dating..
Soon it will not be just the both of us anymore.. hehe
will have one new member in our little family.. a mini us <3

Counting down 10 days or less from now!
Mixed feelings.. lol.. 
How I wish I am the one seeing my hubby give birth.. 
instead of the being the one giving birth.. hahaha Just joking la..
Check out our instagram for more updates: @bigtreeandkoala :)
Will share some recommended product brands for new Mum and Dad!!

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