Hello :)
Back to our wedding day post..
Time flies, in another 3 months plus is our 1st year wedding anniversary!
And is our 10th year dating anniversary too! We are a decade soon!
Pics below are from Acapella Photography, this is our first time working with them..
and we have no regrets having them! Their service was great and I love their pics! :)
Well.. talking about service.. I will review on my Videographer soon!! I haven't reply their email. Shall see how it turns out..

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A major throwback to 30th April 2016..
instagram : #khswWedding <3

Loving this place :)
Thankful for the weather too.. very sunny..

 Me with the bridesmaids.. Thanks for braving the ultra hot sun!

 Hubby and his groomsmen..
 Group pics..

 Us again..hehe

Heading to hubby's house for Tea Ceremony..

 My sister in law..

My in laws :)

 Happy Ah Gong..

 Ok.. I am such a cry baby..
was feeling so happy and busy holding back my tears the whole day..

Change to Kua after that..
Not all the pics here.. We still have another folder of pics - with us looking straight at the camera.. Pics above are all the more artistic pics.. Haha..
Not forgetting my hubby's uncle - Felix also took many nice pictures of us. Grateful :)
Will have Part four (Kua Pics) and Part Five (Intercontinental pics) coming up..
Hopefully can finish blogging all the parts before our 1 year anniversary.. LOL
Thank you for reading <3
See you on instagram: @bigtreeandkoala for now <3

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