Our New Zealand Honeymoon Trip in a Nutshell :)

Click below to view Video highlight of our trip:)

Youtube Video done by my hubby <3 <3 <3

A full trip highlight! With sky diving, Campervan, Fox Glacier Helihike.. etc
We had so much fun in New Zealand <3 left our heart and soul there!
Will share our NZ itinerary soon <3

See you on instagram @bigtreeandkoala for now <3 :)
Enjoy your weekend everyone! <3
If you are not tired of seeing our faces more often,
you can follow us on our Youtube: @Bigtreeandkoala too :) haha.. 

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  2. Unknown says:

    Hello... my name is Shirley, I saw your youtube channel and watched your NZ honeymoon trip that you shared. WOW, what an awesome honeymoon trip you had :D I have a honeymoon plan to NZ too on this June around 2 weeks and we also want to experience exploring NZ by ourself using campervan.. do you mind to share your itinerary? Thank you (:

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