Thank you BUY HOME for the JNC Slow Juicer :)
We love it! :)
***This is a sponsored post.
Here's a picture of me with the JNC slow juicer and fruits :)

Eagerly waiting to try out..
I have always wanted a slow juicer.. because I want to include all my fav fruits to create a juice of my choice :) sad to say I can't put durian in.. hahaha

:) First..
cut the fruits..

This highly efficient Slow Juicer, retains Nutrients will extracting the juice..
It auto segregate the juice and the residue..
Look at below pic.. left is the residue and right side is the juice..
Happily throwing the fruits in..

Tadah..fruit juice ready :)

You can add the secret ingredient to make the juice better.. Yakult!
All ready!!
Good News!!!
They are having a promotion, you can get yours now at $98!
Don't say I never share.. here's the link to purchase:

You can read other customers reviews from the link above :)
Anyway.. I have finally moved in to #khswHome!

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We are one month plus away from #khswWedding!
Will blog about our home design after our wedding! :) Stay tune..
Have a great weekend everyone! <3

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