3 in 1: JNC IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuums, Sweeps, Mops

Loving this IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner from JNC!

Being a new home owners, doing housework is still very new to us..
We are glad to have this 3 in 1 JNC IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner to help us with our Spring Cleaning this year! :)

JNC IQ robot vacuum cleaner is sleek and compact, measuring just 28cm in diameter and 7.5cm in height. It looks really good as well! Loving the white minimalist look of the robot, just like our house. :)

Setting up
JNC IQ robot vacuum cleaner is very simple to set up. Simply install the battery and 2 side brushes at the bottom, the container at the top, and the robot is good to go! Just press the power button and the robot will roam around sweeping and vacuuming. No complex modes or programming required!
Above pic with the clean container before cleaning..

We let the IQ robot vacuum roam around while we do some packing. The robot operates rather quietly, emitting just a low humming noise. Whenever it touches an obstacles with its rubber protected bumper, it will right turn and continue vacuuming. No fear for curbs or stairs, as the IQ robot vacuum is equipped with proximity sensors. It will turn away when it reaches the edge of the stairs or curbs.

after 30 minutes of vacuuming...
We were shock to see this!! Because we thought our living room is already very clean!!
Didn't know our living room is still so dusty!! 

Cleaning up
Cleaning up is also very easy. Remove the container from the robot, empty the rubbish, wash the container and filter, let it dry and its done! Fully charge the robot and its good to go for next round of vacuuming! :)

The JNC IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a value for money entry level robot vacuum cleaner. It is compact and very easy to use. It does a decent job in vacuuming and can last about 50 minutes.
As JNC IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an entry level robot, it does not have those complex mapping system like those in Samsung or iRobot. Hence, there will be some areas where the JNC IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner will miss out, and it does not automatically return to the docking station for charging when the battery is flat.
Due to our busy work schedule, we think it is good to have a JNC IQ Robot to do the Vacuum cleaning.. For home owners who are looking for a affordable and basic robot vacuum cleaner, JNC IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a must buy!

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  1. What an awesome vacuum. I have to be honest at first I thought it was like an outdoor thing as it reminds me of a leaf blower or weed eater. I love the idea of this! It looks so easy to use and lightweight.

  2. Probably an interesting post! I love your ways in cleaning your vacuum cleaner! I might try this at home. Thanks

  3. Riley says:

    It's great.
    Thank you so much!
    see it here

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