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Please refer to this post "Things to bring for HDB BTO Defects Check" if you missed out :)

1) Ceiling / Wall
a) Surface to be smooth, even and free of brush marks
b) No dampness and patchiness
c) Colour to be uniform and consistent
d) No cracks, peel-offs, chip-offs, blisters and pin-holes
e) For ceiling, ceiling to wall edge lines/joints are to be straight and consistent. For wall, wall edges lines or corners are to be straight and consistent
d) Do check for leaks, water stain marks, ensure no cracks

2) Floor / tiled wall
a) Flooring/tiled wall to be of consistent colour tone throughout
b) No uneveness of more that 0.5mm and with no sharp edges for tiles. No uneven level between adjacent strips while walking barefoot for timber flooring
c) No visible cracks, chip-offs or scratch marks
d) The joints between tiles should be visibly straight and consistent. The cement grout between tiles should be of consistent colour. For timber flooring, no visible gaps at the joints
e) No visible gaps between skirting and wall as well as the skirting and the floor
f) No hollowness of the tiles

3) Windows
a) Joints of window frame and wall should be neat, no gap and consistent
b) When closed, window and frame should have no gap and should be aligned
c) No dents, scratches, cracks and other visible damages on window and frame
d) Lock, knob/handle, latch, hinges and screws should be well-fitted and have no rust, scratches and other visible damages
e) No damage or loose gasket
f) Open every window in the house to their maximum capacity and then close again. There should be no squeaking sound and window panel should slide along the track smoothly when opening and closing
g) Ensure handle is easily turned and locked
h) Ensure no sign of rain water leakage, do check your house after a heavy rain to ensure no sign of rain water leakage

4) Doors
a) No visible gaps between door frame and wall, and the joint should be consistent and neat
b) Door and frame should be aligned when closed. No bent or wraped door leaf or frame
c) No cracks, dents, scratch marks or other visible damages on door and frame. Paint finish must be uniform and consistent. The door joints and nail holes should be filled up
d) Lock, knob/handle, latch, door stopper, door closer, hinges and screws should be well-fitted and have no rust, scratches and other visible damages
e) Door should open and close smoothly and easily without squeaking sound
f) Check the door knob and lock to ensure that it operates smoothly, easily, and is functioning

5) Toilet
a) Check the wash basin and toilet bowl for cracks or other visible damages
b) Joints for wash basin and toilet bowl to wall or floor should be neat and consistent, with no visible gap
c) Ensure floor trap are firm and flush to the floor
d) Turn on all the taps, faucets and showers, and let the water run to ensure that they function with no leak
e) When the water is running, check the basin pipes and pipes joints for leakage, and the basin for choke
f) It is normal to see brown water when the tap is first turned on. Let the water run till it is clear and has no particles. Once the water is deemed clean, have a sip of the tap water to ensure that it taste fresh and free from corrosion
g) Flood the toilet floor check whether it drains out quickly. If it doesn't, then perhaps your floor is not slopped properly
h) When all the taps, faucets and showers are closed, ensure no water is dripping out
i) Check the toilet flush and ensure that the water tank fills up and stop once filled

6) Pole hanger for drying clothes
a) Play around with it to ensure everything is bolted properly and its mechanisms function smoothly

7) Others
a) Check for visible damages on switches and sockets. Ensure that the swithes and sockets are level and the joints are neat and consistent with no gap
b) Using a charger, check that every power socket has power
c) Open up all the drainage holes in the kitchen and toilets to see if they are clogged (Some construction workers like to dump cement into drainage holes)
d) Check all the pipes for cracks and sign of water leakage
e) Make sure each key, even the one for your letter box, opens the doors properly

Once your renovation starts, it is hard to justify to BSC that the defect is not caused by your renovation professionals!

Click here for more comprehensive checklist that includes pictures by BCA.

It takes hands to build a house..but only hearts can build a HOME!
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My hubby and I are both enjoying the process.. we brainstorm on our home design.. shop for furniture together.. see our home transformed from empty to now with tiles.. etc.. 
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