Hello lovelies!
I am here to share with you..another must go place in Bangkok!!

I am so in love with Chocolate Ville!! It is such a photo worthy place!! 
At first I thought there are lots of Chocolate at Chocolate Ville..  but surprisingly Chocolate Ville has got nothing to do with Chocolate!! haha..
Chocolate Ville is themed like a small American countryside village from the olden days, complete with colourful barn-style facades and a small stream that meanders and links the buildings together. Small bridges span across the stream.. There is a windmill and light house too.. everywhere you turned to is photo worthy!!

Ok..let the photos do the talking!
We visited this place last year Dec - Christmas theme! I love the Christmas decorations!!
You can consider going Chocolate Ville to celebrate Christmas this year end!! Weather quite windy though.. not as hot as usual! Less than SGD 500 you can go there already! Including air ticket and accommodation! What are you waiting for?! Haha ❤ 
Welcome to Chocolate Ville pose.. hahaha


There is only one restaurant there. The restaurant is usually quite crowded, so to ensure you get a sit, make sure you reserve a table one or two days in advance before you visit the place. You may make reservation at Chocolate Ville Facebook page. The price of the food is very reasonable.. price stated below.. :)

German ham hock // 420baht
Squid ink spaghetti with soft shell crab in black pepper sauce // 285baht 
Chocolate marshmallow // 145baht
After dinner we went back to my fav place for more photos! Haha..
I love the arch!! I got no idea why.. I always think that it is a must to have a arch during wedding! So I had one on my solemnization :) Check my garden theme solemnization post HERE :)

Climbed up the light house to take pic!

Ok! I know you are tempted to go now!!
So now.. How to get to Chocolate Ville Bangkok?
Show the taxi uncle this pic below! Chocolate Ville is located at the outskirt of Bangkok!

Opening hours: Mon – Sun (4.00pm to 12am)

Phone: 00 66 8 3077 3738
GPS : N13 48.621 E100 39.830

Taxi to Chocolate Ville: 145baht (by Meter)
Dinner: 850baht
Taxi back to hotel: 250baht
Total spent: 1245baht

For us, we traveled to Chocolate Ville by taxi. We took the taxi at Mo Chit BTS Station..
As Taxi in Bangkok don't really like to pick up customers at town area such as "Platinum fashion mall"..etc because town area is forever congested!
The journey to Chocolate Ville is around 40 minutes from Mo Chit BTS Station and we only paid 145baht! Remember to insist on going by Meter when you are in Bangkok!
The Food price is very reasonable!
But in order to avoid disappointment remember to make reservation at Chocolate Ville Facebook page. :)
Lastly..One very important thing to take note!!
Don't leave the place too late!! The place is super quiet at night because it is located at the outskirt of Bangkok!! We had a hard time waiting for the cab.. because most of the cab driver want to charge us 400 baht, 300baht!! etc.. anyhow shout price =_=" haha..
But lucky for us we manage to meet a honest cab driver that charge us 200baht.. but we gave him 50baht tips.. lol! So end up our cab fare back is 250baht :)
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See you there!

Stay tune for our next blog post! We will share with you Bangkok local food and some other must go places when you visit Bangkok!! :)

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    Great looking couple!

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    Hi Hi Did you bring a tripod for the photos you took? I was just curious how you managed to take so many nice couple photos :D

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