Last weekend..
My hubby and I happened to walk passed the place we first dated (in 2007)
and we decided to snap a picture of us now (in 2015) :)
Time passed by too quickly.. been 8years ++ since we first dated..
I can't believe it!! What seems so far away is happening right now!!
I remember I used to say that we need to wait for at least 7 years before we get married..
because back then.. we are still so young! I just completed my 'O' levels and my husband just completed his National Service! 
P.S. My hubby is 3 years older than me :)
Picture of us on our first date...
I look super duper young back then :( now old liao.. Sad :(
On our first date, we watched movie at Plaza Sing and had dinner at Ajisen Ramen..
I still remember back then Ajisen Ramen seems like a super duper expensive meal to me.. because I am drawing allowance from my parents. But luckily I don't have to pay ;p  haha..  Anyway side track a little.. the Ajisen Ramen in Plaza Sing is no longer around. 
After that we took train to city hall and went to sit near the Merlion to talk! haha.. old school maximum! We ask a passerby to snap a pic for us..  Lol. We talk for hours till we missed the last bus and had to walk home from there -__-" can't bare to say goodbye.. hmmm..
thinking back I find it really very funny.. can always have a second date mah.. haha!
This is us last weekend.. Check out my hubby's happy face.. haha
Been 8 years.. hope my husband will continue to shower me with love and continue to treat me well :) Anyway my husband say by signing on the marriage cert, he is responsible to take care of me for the rest of my life! I have many witnesses reading this! Hehe..

Haha..2007 we really look super awkward as compared to 2015! Lol
Ok..signing off :) Will try to be more active blogging!
See you at Instagram for now : @bigtreeandkoala

Our house and Chinese wedding coming! Busy! Lots of things to share with everyone too!
Loves <3

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  1. HuiQing says:

    You both looks great together. You both are my fav couple! Stay loving and look forward to more blog posts from you 2!

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