Hello friends & readers,
This post I am going to reveal the secret Skincare products I have been using for the past 2 years! I am loving the results and I would like to extend the product(s) benefits to all my friends and love ones! 
I know you must be thinking..
Is this another sponsored post?
Honestly, I am always skeptical of products reviews which are sponsored, because somehow I feel that the blogger is obligated to blog positive reviews about the product(s). 
Even if advertisers approach me to do sponsorship, I will ask to try out the product/services before taking up the sponsorship and share it in my blogpost.
Because I don't blog for a living or for fame.. I only blog because I enjoy sharing good things/food/deals.. etc with my friends and love ones.
Although I have to be honest that this is a Sponsored Post..but I have to clarify that for the past 2 years I have been buying their products using my own $.. ok.. maybe not my own $, but my husband's $ because he paid for it. Haha.
-417 (Minus 417) products review

I first came across this brand at Nex, while waiting for my husband. 
The sales consultant approach me and I thought why not give it a try.. 
since I am waiting for my husband..
The sales consultant apply 2 products on my hand.. and I instantly fall in love with these 2 products! The Aromatic Body Peeling and Aromatic Body Butter <Kiwi and Mango>.. I am not exaggerating or being "kua zhang" here. You must try it yourself to know how it feels!
The aromatic body peeling is like body scrub, after the scrub apply the body butter.. You will be surprise that your hand instantly become very very soft! My husband was there when I try out the products too.. He think that the product is really good.. So he brought it for me :)
Tadah..The 2 miracle products! I love the smell of this KIWI & MANGO!
They have Lavender, Milk & Honey and Ocean as well.. but somehow I just love this Kiwi & Mango smell.. haha. Ok.. I don't think I smell like Kiwi & Mango after using.. it definitely smell better than that!
More information:

Aromatic and gentle body peeling. Based on microscopic grains of Dead Sea salt, which gently exfoliate dead and dry skin cells, encourage skin regeneration and reduce signs of aging. Lightly fragranced and contains horse chestnut extract. Benefits: Rejuvenating effect, Silky touch and Even Look.
Enriched with Shea butterthat nourishes, relaxes the skin, protects it from UV radiation and prevents skin aging. The sweet almonds oil, the avocado oil and the mango extract grant a feeling of moisture, nourishment and silk. Benefits: Calming effect and Deep nutrition
-417 Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel

My husband also brought this -417 Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel for me to try out. 
Before using this.. I keep changing facial products because I can't find one that I think is good.. till I found this! <Finally!>
More information:

Massaging micro natural luffa beads dislodge impurities and dead skin cells. The foaming gel reduces the appearance of dark spots, speeds up the skin's micro-circulation and provides a deep cleansing. The gel is based on the VITAMIN-MINERAL COMPLEX, a combination of natural active ingredients, including moisture-balancing minerals from the Dead-Sea together with nourishing plant extracts and active vitamins(A,B,E,F and H), as well as jojoba oil, olive oil and grape oil, that leaves the skin clean, soft fresh and glowing. Benefits: Foaming gel purifies & exfoliates unclogs pores
<Sponsored Post>
-417 capitol piazza minus 417 (their 7th outlet in SG)

-417 is the developer of an exclusive and unique line of natural skincare products based on natural active components and minerals from the lowest place in the world – the Dead Sea. Founded in 2003
Something I really like about -417 is because the products are based solely on natural active ingredients and do not contain any artificial preservatives such as Paraben and unfriendly components such as Mineral Oil. After trying out the first few products, I actually went back home to research on the ingredients.. and I think it is really worth buying! I love products that use natural active ingredients or organic products!
12 June 2015
A visit to -417 new outlet at capitol piazza :)

The range of products! I hope to have all! hahaha
My fav! :) 
The Aromatic Body Peeling and Aromatic Body Butter <Kiwi and Mango> and other products.
Trying out the other range of -417 products..
The sales consultant told me that -417 Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel is for morning use..
They have another face wash for night use.. Awesome!
I really think her product knowledge super good! 
She is the one who sold me the products at Nex!

Happy girl..haha!
Thanks -417 for having me <3 I really really love your products!
Ok friends/readers! You really have to try out the products yourself!
Good news for you!
enjoy additional 5% off your bill!
Discount Code : <SabrinaSeah05> 
Only available at -417 Capitol Piazza #B2-23 Outlet 
Here's other highly recommended products!
For morning you can use this set (below):
For night you can use this set (below):

Something cute is they have this Sun and Moon logo on their packaging to differentiate for day or night use.. :) 

A photo with their friendly staffs! 
Do visit them at Capitol Piazza Outlet to try out the products!
If you like the products
enjoy additional 5% off your bill!
Discount Code : <SabrinaSeah05> 
**Only available at -417 Capitol Piazza #B2-23 Outlet 
Since you are already at Capitol Piazza.. you can chill at 1933!
I love their retro setting! Feels like back in the 30's.
Due to the nature of my work.. I am always at YaKun, Toastbox, Starbucks, Coffeebean etc..
So I find 1933 quite unique! Haha

Ok! Most importantly! Do check out -417 products! 
Must invest in good skincare products to look good and presentable at all times!
See you on instagram for now! @bigtreeandkoala :)
@minus417singapore too!
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  1. Huichin Sim says:

    Hi babe,

    I email you regarding a sponsorship, hope to see your reply soon =D

  2. Anonymous says:

    May I know the discount code valid till when? I just brought not too long ago!! :(

  3. Jianen91@gmail.com says:

    Your office at cuppage? I saw you many times. U look so much better in person! Saw your BTO blog post, and ROM post. Thanks for sharing! Will try -417 products soon, can share your excerising regime? You have really pretty legs!!

  4. NightLuna says:

    HONEST REVIEW. I was at ION when they suddenly grabbed me and tried to sell me products… and I fell for their hard marketing. It seems like they mark up the prices like crazy and then discounts them. And they persuade you to buy things little by little so that you won’t realize that you have spent a big amount. For me, the sales marketer first promoted the body peeling and body butter, and after i made payment, she offered the facial wash and cleansing gel, and after i made payment, she offered the cinderella lifting mask, and after i made payment, the vitamin moisturiser and mud beauty mask. The sales marketer I was talking to seems very nice, saying that she is selling it to me without taking any commission at all. Afterwards, I went to qoo10 to check, and to my horror, the prices are much cheaper there. Here are the list of things I bought, compared with the qoo10 cheapest price. Same size, same product.

    Product Name - Aromatic Body Peeling
    Price bought - 70(1 for 1 with the lotion)
    Cheapest Price at qoo10 - 62.97

    Aromatic Body Butter

    Luffa facial wash (the green bottle in the review)
    60(1 for 1 with cleansing gel)

    Cleansing gel

    Cinderella Lifting Mask
    64 (This pains my heart so much)

    Vitamin Moisturizer

    Mud Beauty Mask


    After I finished purchasing all this, I was offered this Miracle Wrinkle Filler thing. They said that it is a full treatment to replenish the collagen in your face, so you have to buy 4 boxes of Miracle Wrinkle Filler for $480 and the two boxes of Serum for $300 smth for 1 year supply. So the total should be 2600 smth, but I have no idea how she calculate everything, in the end she said i can get all that for $1400, then she threw in another Cinderella Lifting Mask that cost $280, Body Butter $120, and VIP Facial for $180. Seems like a good deal isn’t it? She was sooooooooo persistent, but luckily i quickly escaped. And when I checked the price at qoo10, wheeeewwww. The Miracle Wrinkle Filler was only sold for $114. Seriously, what the f?! So yeah, guys, please BEWARE OF -417 HARD MARKETING!!!!

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