Hello friends,
Hope you like our Garden Solemnization Part One blog post :)
Personally I like the decorations very much! The garden setting etc.. 

For this blog entry..
My Husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our invited guests for sharing our joy :) Thank you for coming! :) Here's the pics! Sorry for the long wait! :)
Us with the Justice Of Peace Aka JP :)
With the 2 witnesses :) The heros in our lives :)
My dad and my husband's dad :)
My family and husband's family members :)
My husband's family :)
My family :)
Husband's family and relatives :)
My family and relatives :)
Husband's friends :) They are the ones who helped us in The proposal!
Thank you so much guys and girls :)
My favourite Secondary School teachers :) 
Thank you for being so awesome! 
Thank you making my secondary school life a memorable one :)
My dearest colleagues in AXA :) They are the ones I meet every single day at work!
Love ya much! Thanks for your endless guidance and support! 
I am thankful to have you peeps in my life!
Us with Kelvin :)
My Primary School bestie, Suk and her bf Jonah :) 
Will invite my another 2 primary sch besties on actual day! :)
My dearest Secondary Sch Clique :) People I hang out with most of the times :)
In matchy Navy Blue theme.. to match my blue dress..
With HuiJia and her husband to be :)
With my husband's childhood friends :) WeiXiang and YiWen :)
Anyway..YiWen is our "match maker".. My husband and I know each other on his 18th Birthday celebration.. He is our common friend.. haha
With our Europe Roadtrippers :)  Shirley, Calvell and ZhongYi :)
Lastly..US ❤ The newly wed :)
Some of our photoshoot (after solemnization) pics..
while our guests are having their dinner at level 2..

Husband relatives..
Play our Proposal Video for our guests to watch..

Me and SukYi :)

Me with Ting and TeckHong :)

My Aunt and us
Some fun pics with husband's friend.. :)

Ah Gong..
Haha..my teacher (Mr Tan) singing for us.. so cute! Haha
Very blessed to have them as my teachers! :) Hehe..
Mr Oh (My Npcc teacher), Mr Tan (Our Science teacher), Mr Low (My Form teacher)

Level 1 cocktail reception for our guests to have some finger food before our solemnization..
After the solemnization proceed to level 2 for buffet dinner :) Love our caterers food! Best ever.. will share with you in our coming posts!
Night View of Burkill Hall.. love this place! 
Ok.. photos overload for this post..
See you in our next post! Will be sharing with you where to find my solemnisation gown!
Have lots of private messages, emails, wadsapp, etc.. asking me where I get the dress! Will be sharing soon! See you next post lovelies! :)
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See you there! :)

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