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you should know that my husband and I ROM-ed at our dream location on 7th Feb 2015 (Saturday) after dating for close to 8years :)
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We decide to share with you the

Step by Step guide for Registry of Marriage (ROM) / Solemnization in Singapore
because we were both very blur and we do not know what to do when we decide to file for marriage!
We hope you find this post useful :)
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Have a blissful marrige! :)

A picture of us after collecting our Marriage Cert on (2nd Feb 2015) at the Registry Of Marriage , 5 days before our Solemnization ceremony (on 7th Feb 2015).. 
We held our ROM "outside ROM" (At Botanical Garden) that's why we need to collect our ROM Cert in advance to bring it to our Solemnization venue on our ROM day.
We initially thought the solemnizer will bring the cert there for us.. lol
Anyway this is my first time seeing the sculpture "Real Love Works"..
I always see people posting pics with this sculpture.. and I always thought it was taken at some  famous cafe -_-" Lol

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Solemnization Procedure in Singapore
I swear planning for solemnization/wedding is a huge headache! Haha..

but let us help you abit! :) 
**What we share is based on our own opinion/experience! You might or might not agree.. :)

Step 1 : Determine if you want your solemnization to be held at ROM or outside ROM
Below are the pros and cons for holding your solemnization at ROM or outside ROM.
At ROM means to hold your ROM at 7 Canning Rise, 179869, the Registry of Marriage,

Outside ROM means anywhere.. can be at the beach, garden, yacht.. etc

**If you opt to have your solemnization at ROM, you can proceed to step 5

Step 2: Decide on the venue and theme
If you decide to have your solemnization held outside ROM, you will be spoilt for choice.. too many venues to choose from! and this is one big headache..
Deciding on the few pointers below can help you narrow your choice..
a) Budget
Having solemnization can be relatively cheap (at home or a simple one at hotel) to extremely grand (Jay Chou's type), depending on how much money you are willing to fork out.
b) Number of Guests to invite
The venue is also determined by the number of guests you wish to invite. For example, the lawn at Raffles Hotel (below) has a minimum attendance of 20 guests, and can hold up to a maximum of 150 guests. Oh ya.. tips for you.. please ask your parents! They might have a guest list in mind that you are not aware of.. don't forget - marriage is not a 2 person thing! Then again.. more guests means more $$ gone.. Buffet per head cost approx $30 per pax? For us we cater good food for our invited guests.. and per tiffany chair rental cost approx $11! So please try to limit the number of guests to close friends/relatives unless you have a huge budget to spare..
Oh ya..I am behind (in the pic).. please notice me :p just being random.. lol
c) Theme (Indoor/Outdoor Solemnization)
There are countless of themes to choose from, like beach theme, retro theme..etc
For us, we prefer outdoor garden theme solemnization :) You must decide if you want an indoor or outdoor solemnization.. in my opinion I prefer to take the risk of having an outdoor solemnization! 

because I personally think that having an indoor solemnization.. I must as well hold my ROM at ROM or together with chinese banquet.. can save cost and the pics turn out the same..
d) Solemnization together with chinese banquet or separate
Recently, having solemnization together with chinese banquet is getting popular. Advantage is that you can save cost (gown no need to rent twice, photographer/videographer no need to hire twice etc) and maybe lesser planning required (no need to plan twice). But the disadvantage is that the wedding day will be very rush.. and you don't have sufficient time to rest and take photos.

Step 3: Decide on the date and time
Discuss with your bride/groom parents if they want you to solemnize at "auspicious time/date," because somehow marriage is not just a two person thing..
For us, we are not the "pan tang" type.. We only use Master Sung's website here to decide on our solemnization date.. hahaha

Step 4: Selecting a Solemnizer (aka Justice of Peace, JP)
It is important to have a solemnizer that can speak fluently. You must decide whether you want the ceremony to be in English or in Mandarin.
You can click here to select the top 40 most popular solemnizers in Singapore.

Normally, solemnizer will only commit about 3 months before your solemnization date.
Once you confirm with your solemnizer (by emailing him/her to check availability), the next step will be to download the "Invitation to Solemnize a Marriage" form by clicking here, and let your solemnizer sign. The signed copy need to pass to the Registry of Marriages on the day of appointment at ROM when you collect your marriage cert.

Step 5: File a Notice of Marriage online
Once you decided on the venue, date, time and solemnizer, the next thing is to file a notice of marriage online by clicking here. The earliest date that you can file a notice of marriage is 3 months before your solemnization date. Taking our solemnization date as example, our solemnization is on 7th Feb 15, so the earliest we can file is 7th Nov 14. 
The latest date to file is 21 days before your solemnization date. So for our case, the latest date to file is 16 Jan 15.
The fee for marriage licence for Singapore citizen/PR is S$26
Once filing is completed, please remember to print a copy of the filing instructions and take note of the appointment date to go to ROM to verify documents and perform statutory declaration.

Step 6: Appointment at ROM for verification of documents and statutory declaration
Before the appointment for verification and declaration, there will be a marriage preparation talk.

Both the groom and bride must be present for the appointment. Documents to bring along are as follow:
1. Filing instruction
2. Original NRIC/passport of groom and bride
3. Signed "Invitation to Solemnize a Marriage" form
4. Photocopy of NRIC/passport of the 2 witnesses
5. Divorce paper (if applicable)
6. Death certificate of late spouse (if applicable)

If your solemnization is held OUTSIDE ROM, you will receive the following documents from ROM and do remember to bring it to your solemnization venue on your actual Solemnization.
1. Black and white Certificate of Marriage 
Groom, bride, the 2 witnesses and solemnizer will sign on this piece during solemnization. The solemnizer will then take this signed copy and the provided envelope, and mail back to ROM.
2. Colour Certificate of Marriage
Only solemnizer will sign on this copy and you will keep this copy.
3. Marriage folder, envelope and checklist
2nd Feb 2015 - Collection of our ROM Certificate :)
Ok.. please do not have lunch before the Marriage preparation talk..
My husband and I had lunch before the talk.. when the person pass us the lunch bento.. 

We look at each other.. -__-" ..because we had a heavy lunch.. Lol

We sit at the first table.. because the "heart " on the table is pink.. and the rest behind is orange, yellow etc.. lol.. End up the person ask my husband and I to be the narrator for story telling.. Lol :(
Kena trick.. anyway I am quite surprise this talk is quite interactive, you have to answer questions and tell the class how you deal with conflict with your partner, how long you and your partner date before marriage.. etc.. quite interesting.. everyone get to speak up..
After this talk.. Is time for us to collect the Marriage Cert.. super excited and happy.
I held my husband hand and tell him.. I can't imagine the day we waited for so long is happening right now! haha.. I guess everyone around me can sense my happiness.. even the cleaner auntie congratulate me when she saw me smiling to myself in the toilet -_-" paiseh max..
Oh ya.. when you collect the cert, you have to perform statutory declaration after the person verify all the documents.. which means you have to put your right hand up and say marriage oath.. not to worry.. script given.. you only have to read it in front of your partner and the witness (counter staff).. but we find it quite funny.. haha
Yay..collected our cert..

Lastly.. One fun fact!

You do not need to have a nice signature for your marriage cert!
You know why? Because on the colour marriage cert.. there is only one signature! Your solemnizer's signature! Your signature, your partner's signature and 2 witnesses signature is only on the black and white marriage cert to be mailed back to ROM! Lol.. I wanted to design a complex signature because my signature is too simple.. only to realize my signature is so useless.. hahaha
Ok.. we hope you find this post useful :)
We will be sharing with you some of the Pros and Cons at our solemnization venue - Botanical Garden - Burkill hall! and some of our shortlisted solemnization venues that I like alot!
Stay tune! 

See you at our instagram : @Bigtreeandkoala :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks 4 sharing! All your posts are really helpful!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this post, I'm getting married next year and it is incredibly helpful!

  3. Benjamin and HuiWen says:

    Another helpful post! You both are great! Thks for the heads up! I think I came across your blog post on bto application procedure quite afew times.. Very helpful! Many of my friends share it on Facebook! Thk you for sharing! We look forward to see more advice and tips from you two! See you 2 on instagram!

  4. 1234 says:

    Thank for sharing
    Saw ur ig.. Where u got the flower to make the pen ?
    Thank u

  5. Unknown says:

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  8. MeLanie says:

    Hi, do you collect the cert on the same day as
    Verification of Doc & statutory declaration? I was given a date whereby 4 days before of my wedding date. In addition, may I know how long did you spend at ROM if exclude the marriage talk?

  9. Unknown says:

    Hi, im planning my solemnization for next year. was counting how many guests to be invite on my solemnization due to i need to book table for the lunch. and something come across my mind, which is "do we need to include the solemnizer for the lunch after my solemnization?" LOL
    thanks for your sharing, im very enjoy reading ur post. so cuteeee

  10. Dennis says:

    Hi, thank you for the detailed information. Just wonder if we could choose the document verification date and time at ROM? This is due to my overseas work......

    I tried calling ROM via IDD and wrote them emails. However, it seems that the staff might be too fearful to clarify / advise on the process.....

    Appreciate your expert advise please, thank you.

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