Hello lovelies :)
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you should know that my fiance and my solemnization are just months away! :)
we are all getting excited.. and today both our family members meet to have a casual dinner before our solemnization :)
I would really like to recommend this place my fiance pick for our family gathering :)
 If you are looking at having a private and cosy room for 10 pax, with a good view, good 
ambience, good food that is value for money.. this is the place! Moreover food is served individually.. guys.. you don't have to feel awkward.. whether to serve your parents in law.. serve your parents..serve everyone first and end up eating all the leftovers.. muahaha.
This is the view from our private room..
Day view..

My fiance Sis..Fiance and Me..My Sis and My Bro..
My Fiance's parents and My Parents :)
Night View :)

Hehe..very funny..same as above pic.. just that is night view :)-

We forget to take pics of the food.. busy talking and eating.. but trust me.. you will love this place! :) Guys..bring your future father and mother in law there.. they sure love this place! :)

Remember to make reservation for private room and ask them to switch the spot light  dimmer.. If not the room will be super hot.. hope you like this recommendation :)

OCBC Centre | Peach Garden Fine Chinese Dining :)

More information.. Click -> HERE :)
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  1. Ryan See says:

    Congrats! You are glowing ShiWei! Always so chio.. Very happy for you and your fiancé.. have a blissful marriage and thanks for sharing! Your post comes in handy!! I am indeed cracking my brain on where to bring Charlene's parents for dinner! Blog more and share more tips! Charlene follow everything you do! She say you are her jie jie role model!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You look like your mother, your bro and sis look like your father.
    are you the youngest at home?

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