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Compassvale Boardwalk at Sengkang - May 2012 BTO

Our nest is located at Compassvale Boardwalk, 15 minutes walk from Sengkang MRT station :)
Nearest LRT is Cheng Lim LRT, 1 stop away from Sengkang Station :)
If you are applying for BTO HDB flat, you may want to look at our post -> HERE 
to get a better idea of BTO application process and how much to pay during the application :)
That is only our 2 cents.. but hope it helps you a little :)
This is how our housing estate looks like..
I love the theme - Kelong :) Kampong theme..hehe
Anyway once you select your unit, you can **join your Flat's FaceBook Page to have more first hand information as well as to see your flat building progress :)
Some of the pics below is from our Flat's FaceBook Page - Compassvale Boardwalk Family :)
Thanks to our very "ON" neighbours for sharing the pictures with us :)
At times we also go to the block opposite our housing estate to take pics of the building progress to share in the group :) Hope to know our future neighbours and have gatherings after our house come :)

The exact location :)
Tough choice when comes to selection of unit..
We had a hard time deciding.. My fiance is the decision maker.. so I just listen to him :)

We decided to take 5 room flat, so we can only choose the "green units"from the pic on top.. the "yellow units" is 4 rooms..

We went Toa Payoh HDB hub to look at the model almost every now and then..
To have a better idea of which unit to select.. "Kia Su" Singaporean.. haha

Actual building progress of our home :)
Compassvale Boardwalk comprises five 15-storey residential blocks of 474 units of 4- and 5-room standard flats..

20th July 2012
We went to take a look at the plot of land and took some pics before they start building.. :)
I remember seeing people playing cricket games at this plot of land..haha

We went to recce the place to see where to take pics.. the block opposite seems to have a good bird's-eye view..haha

20th Jan 2013
They finally start to fence up the area.. =D I remember we were very excited.. because we waited for 6 months and finally see some progress..

3rd Feb 2013
Finally some more progress.. =D =D =D

9 Feb 2013

2 March 2013
Still can see the grass..hehe

12 Oct 2013 
Laying foundation, Blk 293D already level 1 up.. cannot see the grass anymore..
 1 Dec 2013
Now Blk 293D at level 2..
16 Feb 2014 
Blk 293D is super fast, built 4 levels in about 2 months. Blk 293A still laying foundation..

 20 Apr 2014
All blocks are building at about 1 level a month..
1 week+ after proposal on 6 April 2014, we went down to take pics of our home..
This time with my new status and diamond ring.. =) =) =) Happy!

3 Aug 2014
Blk 294A is at level 8, Blk 293A at level 6, Blk 293B at level 10, Blk 293C at level 11, and the leader, Blk 293D is at level 14, just one more level to go.
31 Aug 2014 
Blk 293D is already at level 15, only the roof left..
11 Oct 2014
Our unit finally up :)

One year ago and one year later.. 
18 Oct 2013 VS 19 Oct 2014 Building progress.. amazing and solid progress! :)
15 Nov 2014
Presenting to you..The first few water tanks of our estate! :)

Today - 23 November 2014
Rainy day.. quite hard to take pic.. we waited for the rain to stop to take some pics :)

Still see people working on rainy day :)
Our Estimated date of completion is on 31st Oct 2015, 4th Qtr 2015 :)
We wish that the workers can build faster, so that we can get our key hopefully by early 2015, and move in by mid 2015. Nevertheless, to everyone building our house, your safety is still the top priority! =)

This is our floorplan :) We have lots of ideas on how we want to design our house already..
We **didn'opt for HDB floorings.. so our house will be empty.. start from scratch! :)

Looking forward to our very 1st Property :)
After being together for 7.5 years..we are finally tying the knot next year 2015 :)
We will be sharing our bridal package.. shortlisted location for solemnisation and chinese banquet.. design of our house etc..
You may follow us on instagram @BigTreeandKoala to keep in contact! :)
We will share with you our experience..things to recommend and things to avoid! :)
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  1. Your future neighbour! says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Look forward to seeing both of you around!
    Young and good looking couple.. congrats in advance for 2015 tying the knot! Have a blissful marriage and lifelong happiness!


  2. says:

    You both looks stunning in person. Saw both of you at Compasspoint queuing for KOI today (: Now I understand why people always comment say you look prettier in person. Finally get to see both of you in person, my parents say you both got husband and wife look (: hope you move to Sengkang soon (: anyway I am your blog shop customer XinYi. Glad to see you blogging again. Congrats on completing your degree with good grades (:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats and have a blissful marriage =)

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