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My hubby and I just promoted! 
We are proud Papa and Mama to our little baby boy now :) 
It is indeed overwhelming being a first time dad and mum..
it is especially so because we don’t have elder siblings in the family to turn to for help 
(we are the eldest at home and first to have a baby as well)..

We went to numerous baby fairs as well as seminars to know more about the latest products in the market, learn about breastfeeding etc as well.. 

One thing I realize is, time have changed!!
Due to technological advancement, our lives are so much easier now!!

If there is one thing that I will recommend all mums and dads to invest in.. 
That will be an UV sterilizer!! It definitely help to make your life so much easier!!

Why need to sterilize?
Young babies (below 1 year old) are more susceptible to infection and illnesses as their immune system is not fully developed. Washing using soap and cold water is insufficient to remove the majority of germs and bacteria that might be harmful to babies. Thus, it is important to sterilize anything that goes into baby’s mouth or use to feed the baby.

In the past..
People sterilize bottles using boiling water, tablet sterilizing or using a steam sterilizer.  

Boiling water is one of the most economical of sterilizing, however it is the most time consuming and water wasting.

As for tablet sterilizing, some tablet will cause the bottles to have a weird smell after sterilizing.. personally it bothers me.. I will end up washing the bottle using tap water to get rid of the smell..

As for steam sterilizer, it is somehow similar to the boiling water method. 
Instead of using water you are using the hot steam to sterilize your bottles. 
However, something I hate about steam sterilizer is, the water will drip all over the place when you open the cover and you have to add water to sterilize each time you need to use it! So troublesome! Most steam sterilizers don’t have the drying function too! Can you imagine, wet bottles, breast pump parts?! Have to dry using a cleaning cloth.. Is the cloth you use clean? If not you have to sterilize your bottles and pump parts again? Such a hassle..

In recent years..
UV sterilizer are gaining popularity due to the massive advantages over boiling water, tablet sterilizing and steam sterilizer.. my hubby say some new aeroplane got built in UV to disinfect the water wor..

Some of the reasons why use UV sterilizer..
1.   UV is more effective in sterilizing than boiling, tablet, steam sterilizing
2.   Lower power consumption (~80W for UV vs ~500W for steam)
3.   Can sterilizer more items (UV has more capacity than steam, boiling depends on pot size)
4.   Can sterilizer more types of items (UV can sterilize heat sensitive and non-water resistant items)
5.   Less maintenance (Steam and boiling need to wash and dry the components regularly, else will have mould and rust. But UV just need to replace the UV lamp every 6 months to a year, and clean the filter if any)
6.   Less potential hazard (can be scalded if using steam or boiling, but not UV)
7.   Drying function (most UV have, while most steam does not have)

Why choose Haenim?
Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer is the new generation sterilizer from Korea. 
It helps to kill 99.9% bacteria!
The exact model I am using is 3rd Gen Haenim UV Sterilizer with Bluetooth 4.1

1. The nicest design in the market!!
So far.. I find Haenim UV sterilizer design the nicest among all the UV sterilizers in the market.. See.. it looks so good on my kitchen table top!

2. 6 colours for you to choose from
Black, Silver, Metalic Silver, Pink, Green and Blue to match your house theme..

3. New Touch Buttons
No more worries about wet fingers damaging the set.. 
Touch buttons look nicer as well.. look more sleek, neat and nice.. 

4. Display showing timer and temperature
The display timer indicate how long more before completing the sterilization.. It also shows the temperature..

5. Storage space is one of the biggest
The biggest in the market.. very spacious, can store up to 16 bottles! Other brands can only store up to 9-12 bottles..
You can sterilize more items at one go to save time and effort!

6. The door can open wide..
Easier to take out and put in the items..
You can add on accessory (like the image above) to sterilize your toothbrush etc..

7. Storage Function
Keep items sterilized with Auto Sterilizing every 2 hours, you can leave the items in the sterilizer and use the sterilized items anytime you want..

8. Drying Function
New dual ventilation fans to improve drying power.. I really love this function! No more wet bottles and pump parts!

9. Product Safety
Haenim comes with specially treated glass and special designed grooves on the door to prevent UV rays from leaking out, it also comes with a special magnetic detector that help to switch off the UV function when the door is open.. 
Haenim UV sterilizer uses PTC heater instead of infrared lamp which is safer (will not overheat) and has much longer lifespan than infrared lamp.

10. Has the most number of modes
A total of 4 modes.. Auto, UV, Dry and Storage mode.. And each mode has different duration to suit different needs.. (except for storage mode)

11. Very user-friendly and intutive
Haenim UV sterilizer is super easy to use. Just touch the button of the mode that you want, and tada, its done.
Simply take a quick look at the button light, the timer display and the colour of the interior, you will know which mode the sterilizer is in and how long to completion.

12. Bluetooth 4.1 technology

New function! Allows you to control and connect via smartphone using bluetooth 4.1 technology.. App alerts to remind when you need to change the UV lamps..


Care and Maintenance

Once a week: Wipe inside clean with a clean damp cloth. Do not use any detergent or chemicals.
Once a month: Wash the filter located at the back of the steriliser. Simple rinse under water. Do not scrub or rub hard as the natural filter may tear. Gently dab dry with clean cloth.
Once a year: Change UV lamps to ensure maximum sterilising power. 

Comparing to other brands..

In conclusion..

Haenim UV Sterilizer and Dryer help me to save time and effort sterilizing baby bottles and pump parts! I like the drying function too, no more wet bottles and pump parts after sterilizing! 
Your kitchen look neater too, can store the bottles, breast pump assessories in the UV sterilizer..

How to purchase?
TLO Showroom
14 New Industrial Road #05-01A Singapore 536203
(Nearest MRT: Bartley)
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm
Email: enquiries@TLO.com.sg
Phone: +65 81832426
Website: http://tlo.com.sg/

Thank you TLO for the Haenim UV sterilizer :)

Disclaimer: Some of the photos above are provided by Thelittleonesinmylife (TLO.COM.SG) and this is a sponsored post :) But to be honest, even if this is not a sponsored post, I will still purchase from Haenim!

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