Hello all,
My husband and I are getting married in another 5 months time..
and we have a couple of friends getting married before and after us..
Which brings us to today's topic on "Xi Chong Xi"


this is a superstitious Chinese believe saying 4 months before your wedding and 4 months after your wedding, you are NOT supposed to attend other people's wedding..

In direct translation, "Xi Chong Xi" means two auspicious occasion clashing together..
and there is a "saying" if you attend people's wedding 4 months before or 4 months after your wedding, bad things will happen to both couples..
and the **
couple who have their wedding last will be more affected..

I don't know how true is that.. (What is the logic behind that? hmm..)
Although I am not the "PanTang (Superstitious)" type,
but because wedding is a once in a lifetime thing.. and I don't want bad thing to happen to my friend or myself.. that's why I have been thinking about this topic day and night..
To believe or not to believe..
Haha.. there is no right or wrong answer!
In my opinion it is a two way thing.. 
you might not mind, but who knows your friend mind? 
Because his/her own happiness is at stake also..?
I do have a friend who have her wedding before me, but she say her grandparents and parents mind.. so we are not attending each other's wedding.. although we really wish to!


As time goes by, people add their own bits and pieces to their "rules".
Some people believe that is it good luck to be invited, leading to another chinese saying of "Shuang Xi Lin Men (双喜临门)," which means double happiness arriving at the door.
Some say only cannot attend "bai shi (白士)" which means funeral or wakes 4 months before and after your wedding.

As a new generation couple.. we are confused.. >.<
Please share with us and other readers about your view!

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