Hello lovelies, Is Saturday again! :)

Good news! 

The 1st block in my estate already gotten their appointment letter for key collection! Looking at the progress of our estate, I guess we are the 3rd block to collect our keys.

Excited much! But we are still at the mist of finding our ID/Contractors.. etc

my hubby is doing most of the research work! Haha.. We have been going to furniture mall, IKEA, Best Denki.. etc to look at household appliances, renovation ideas..etc

Hopefully we manage to find a good contractor/ID? So that we can share our tips with you here :)

Time flies.. My hubby and I are married for 6 months!

Till now I still receive emails enquires about our solemnization :) So today I am going to share our DIY Solemnization props! Glad you like my hubby and my DIY work!

But for now we are not selling our DIY solemnization props! We are using it for our actual day wedding.. moreover some of our props are customized with our names on it :)

If you follow us on instagram, you should see some of the pics below :)

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When it comes to decorations.. you need to first draw out a concept on how you want your reception table, solemnization and maybe a "walk down memory lane" table to look..

So for the 3 tables.. you need to have the rough dimension.. then after knowing how big the table is.. you then decide on which props to use..

After doing so you can start your props preparations!

We printed our quite a number of photos to put on our reception desk.. because photos will never go wrong.. haha. You can paste it anywhere.. then it becomes a decoration! Lol
We have quite a number of nice pics together :) Here's some!

Initially I wanted to put this basket below..with all the flowers my hubby make for me in the past 7 years (during Valentines day). But we dropped the idea..
Maybe we should display it on our actual day? My hubby's work.. haha
Last time when we first dated.. something that really attracts me most to my hubby is.. he say there will be no honeymoon period during our dating.. because he believe in consistency!
Yup..every year he never failed to surprise me with handmade flowers :) Because I don't like real flowers.. but I guess after we move in to our new house.. I want him to cook me a good meal every Valentines day.. instead of making flowers for me :) because we need to save space! BTO flats nowadays super small!
Item 1: DIY Solemnization Pen
Hehehe.. Proud to say.. this is done by me! Haha..
The first thing my friends/relatives ask me on my solemnization day is..
"hey hey, all DIY props done by your hubby?" ermm.. I would say most done by him and he planned the whole solemnization. But I did contribute abit here and there lo >.<
I am here to claim some credits.. haha
Actually quite easy to make this pen.. just that you need to mix and match the flowers to make it look nice.. :) I think the colour combi super nice hor?

Check out the crystal beans.. hehe.. I add on..

Item 2: DIY Solemnization decor - Carriage
This is my hubby's idea.. hahaha.. is from his Proposal inspiration..
You can check my hubby's proposal inspiration HERE
This carriage is done by my hubby.. he super talented and patient.. I think he did a great job!
I love this carriage alot!

Put the roses one by one..

With my fav crystals! So nice!
Sparkling! Bling bling..
Cony :)
Red carpet
Brown proposing :)

Item 3: DIY Solemnization decor - baskets
We use the DIY baskets to put the flower petals.. We design the baskets using items from Daiso :)

Hehe.. love this pic of us.. check out our DIY baskets.. in pink and purple too :)
Item 4: DIY Solemnization decor - Signage
I do the signboard, my hubby do the engineering work.. haha

For invitation card

Item 5: DIY Solemnization decor - wishing tree
Hubby DIY our names on the tree.. We distribute the post cards / invitation cards to our relatives and friends to write their wishes and hang it on the wishing tree..


Table 1: Reception table
We measure and make the markings on the floor.. our rough set up :)

Love this from ting :)


Table 2: "Walk down memory lane" table
We put all our love letters in the retro luggage  :) and our 2007 to 2015 pics in the photo frame..
my hubby actually scratch out the rough design..

Table 3: ROM table
Ok..that's all for now :)
See you on our instagram: @Bigtreeandkoala :)
Have a nice weekend ahead! :)

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