Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. ~ Marilyn Monroe

If you have followed me long enough, you will realise I am always wearing the same pair / brand of shoes! Not because I don’t change shoes, but it's because I keep buying back the same pair / brand of shoes over and over again because I don’t want to take the risk and cause unnecessary discomfort to my feet.

My job requires me to walk around, travel around Sg.. so a pair of good shoes is important for my nature of work. 

I am glad LoveOkab is one of the shoe brands I approve!

LoveOkab shoes are lovingly handcrafted in USA. 
It offers all day comfort, durability and wash ability that every woman needs.

If you have followed me on IG, you might have caught a glimpse on my IG story on my new pair from LoveOkab. Have been wearing the shoes for about two weeks and loving it! 

Here are some features and my thoughts of the shoes:
• Unlike other usual flats, LoveOkab shoes come with massage beads and contoured arches at the footbed providing me with arch support. Tested and proven, after a long day at work hustling around from place to place, these flats do make my feet feel less tired at the end of the day;
• LoveOkab shoes are constructed very solidly and are made of a one-piece patented plastic blend that is light in weight. This means that I can wear my shoes however i want and not worry that it will spoil easily. I foresee that this pair can last me a long time;
* Despite the strong constructed nature, the shoes feel buttery soft, super comfortable as they hug my feet like gloves when i wear them;
• Anti-microbial properties that resist the growth of bacteria and odour;
• Weatherproof & easy to clean, this means that i won’t have to check the weather forecast before i wear my shoes out! Even if they gets muddy and dirty, i can just bring them home and wash the dirt off and they will look as good as new!
• There are several designs in different colours on the website now but my favourite would be this particular design called Cara in the colour Slate. I love the bling embellishment and the grey is super easy to match. Heard that the new collection with new designs would be out mid of april! Excited to see what other designs there are 😊

Foresee myself wearing LoveOkab shoes very often! As a mummy, i feel that this would really be suitable for pregnant mummies and for ladies who always have to travel around Sg like me. 

If you would like to give it a try, there is now a 10% off any purchase when you use the
promocode “Sabrina10”

Don’t worry if the size don’t fit as each purchase comes with a free exchange. Minimum purchase of 2 pairs (rope your bestie in!) would also entitle you to free shipping. Oh, did i also mention, you can opt for a cash refund if you really do not like the shoes (though i highly doubt that will happen), subjected to LoveOkab’s T&Cs! 

Why wait, give it a try and shop now at
You might end up loving it as much as me 😂 

Or join their FB (@loveokabsg) / IG (@loveokab) for more!
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