Our Wedding Day Part Five (Final post)!
I miss our wedding day so much.. #khswWedding ! <3
Next month is our 1st year wedding anniversary!
Will post our wedding video on our humble youtube channel @bigtreeandkoala :)
See you there :) Can subscribe to be first few to view yo.. :)
I watch our proposal, solemnisation, wedding montage, wedding actual day video numerous times.. each time I look back at all the videos, I can't help but feel super thankful for all that life have given me thus far :) <3
Oh ya, hubby redo our New Zealand Honeymoon video, he add in the places we visit..

Click HERE to watch our NewZealand HoneyMoon video :)

Back to our wedding day..

Our previous post:

Photoshoot before the wedding dinner commence..
Love our wedding venue so much! Intercontinental Hotel!
No regrets.. <3 So beautiful everywhere..

Wedding reception :)

Our proposal album.. the carriage design by my hubby.. hehe

re-use our solemnisation props..

Hubby's proud creation <3
How to make this L.O.V.E sculpture refer to link Here :) done by my hubby!

I make the angbao box! nice hor.. hehe :)
HuiJia, My sis and Qi :)
My father in law look so happy here :) haha..
Mother in law too..
My parents and bro too..
My dad went hair salon to style his hair..haha.. super hiao..
no wonder I also very hiao. haha
My mother :) Many people say I look like my mum..

The moment we waited for 9years..
March in.. love the long straight aisle..
So much love and happiness <3 <3 <3

I can't decide which is my fav pic.. so post all..

uncle png congrats us by throwing flower patals at hubby..

 My gown.. the train super long.. lucky we choose intercon.. straight aisle <3

 Cake cutting.. I don't see a point to do that.. haha.. but just follow ba..
I think some of my friends remove the cake cutting ceremony..
 dress too long.. lol

Officially and traditionally Mr and Mrs Lau..

 evening gown..

my sis in law..
my sis..

my bro.. looking smart here.. haha

 can't hold my tears.. lol..
 my sis <3
 my bro..
 my nose still red from crying.. argg.. paiseh max.. haha

 I dono what am I doing.. why cross my hand to shake hand.. lol
 Npcc friends <3
Hubby's colleagues..

Mr and Mrs Lau <3

More pics coming up on facebook :)
Above are the edited pics by photographer.. the rest, front view pics not in folder so I never upload.. too many nice pics to choose from :)
My heart is full.. thank you everyone for taking time off to attend our wedding..
I am so happy to see each and everyone of you!
See you on our instagram @bigtreeandkoala for now :)
will post our actual day video next month! See ya!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are so gorgeous! Happily ever after with your prince charming babe..

  2. Just Awesome pictures, I really love that photography, which captures each and every moment of the wedding. These pictures are really amazing and beautifully clicked. Keep sharing this type of amazing post with us.

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