Bello! :)
Another long blogpost ahead.. because I am bad at selecting pics!
I will end up uploading all the pics I have.. lol
Loving every moment of #KhswWedding :) <3
So much love! <3 Thanks to our groomsmen and bridesmaids for going all out to make our big day a successful one :) <3 and thanks to our beloved friends/relatives for sharing our joy <3

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30th April 2016 - GATE CRASH

Bridesmaids came over early to prepare..thanks so much for your help girls..<3 <3 <3
 Qi and Hj
 Suk and Ting
 Spicy noodles.. I haven't try this before!
Getting ready..
Patiently waiting for my groom.. hehe

 The car so chio.. The moment I hear the car - "horn sound," I become super nervous and excited.. Hehe..

 My younger brother.. mum actually ask for a roasted pig.. Thanks bro for helping us collect..
 the backdrop quite funny.. the pig.. =X



Ted and KaiLeong
Ian and Royston..  hmm.. got feel hor? the kiss.. hahaha
 Where's the key to the gate? Is in one of the angbaos..

 Bridesmaids: where is our ang bao? No angbao cannot go in!

 Not sgd? What is this?!
My hubby's face.. hmm.. should I give? Will they ask for more? Hahaha
 Oh..discussing.. Ok la.. let you in..
I am here..
My dad and mum..
My aunties..
 Hubby: Argg.. Sign my life away.. This time "jialat" le..
 Hubby ("Sweat") after signing..hahaha
 Me: Hahaha..Wahaha.. Sign liao (Evil Laugh)

I am quite touched *shy.. trying very hard to hold back my tears..
Waited so long for this day..

Sealed with a kiss.. haha
 So paiseh.. hahaha everyone look at us kiss.. -_-"
"Chop chop" tea ceremony at my place..

Family pic.. I have the front view pic.. in another folder. lazy to find.. haha

Married lo! Love this pic of us <3

Heading for outdoor photoshoot..Next post coming soon :)
See you on my instagram: @bigtreeandkoala for now :) Bye! :) I am busy sourcing for ornaments to decoration my first ever Christmas tree..
thanks hubby for granting my wish :) Hehehe..

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  1. Yung Ying says:

    Sabrina Seah! Always so gorgeous! Can be jewellery model leh! Congrats!

  2. Unknown says:

    Hello! I am a June 2017 bride and happen to chance upon your blog 😊 Your bridal car is indeed chio! Did you rent it?

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