My 8 personal milestones of 2015
This year is one of the most eventful year for me till date :)
1. We are Married
After dating for 8years plus..We are finally married on 7th of Feb this year!
At our dream location :) Hehe.. Love our garden wedding to bits! 
Our wedding banquet will be held next year on 30th April 2016 (Saturday) :)
For more pics of our solemnization view Here and Here :)

2. The Straits Times Newspaper appearance
The Straits Times (3rd April) this year :) Million Dollar Club award :)
Thanks to all my clients and friends for the trust and faith in me.. 
I will continue to work hard and provide the best service to you!

3. Cruise trip to Redang and Tioman Island
I always wanted to visit Redang island after watching the movie "xia ri mo mo cha"..
I like this song "Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo" in the movie.. If you want to listen, click HERE
Is a very old song though.. >.< Anyway will blog about our cruise trip soon! :)
Argg..hope to learn diving next year!!! After our wedding..
I love the sea so so much!!
Us in the middle of the big ocean.. Went many place to snorkel..
So many fishes..

4. International Sales Convention to ISTANBUL TURKEY
Aww.. lots of backlog.. Will share the itinerary soon!

5. First hotair balloon experience at Cuppadocia
The view up there was magnificent! supposed to be my first solo trip with people I don't really know.. end up becoming friend with them! Thanks for all the memories :)

6. Gold Coast Australia
One of the most memorable incentive trip with colleagues till date!
Glad to know them better after the trip! Thanks for the wonderful memories!! 
Our first time hugging a Koala (my fav), first time touching a Kangaroo, first time whale watching (check out my instagram for video: @bigtreeandkoala), first time seeing glowworms with a sky full of stars.. first time watching Sunrise..etc :) Memorable! 
Can't wait to blog about the whole trip too!

7. A home of our own
The first time stepping to our own home.. the home we waited for 3years plus.. :)
The feeling was so surreal.. our home is currently under renovation.. should be ready before Chinese New Year next year.. Lots of things to look forward to next year :)
Our home and our wedding :) Excited :)

8. Our first Autumn and Wedding photoshoot in Korea
More pics on instagram @bigtreeandkoala :) 
Will blog about our trip soon.. lots of backlogs >.< haha..

and many many more milestones..
another milestone will be my first time blood donation..etc..But too many to mention..
I am thankful for 2015! Thankful for everything in my life.. thankful for being healthy, thankful to have all the love ones by my side.. thankful that all my love ones are healthy and happy :) That's all I wish for :)
I hope everything will remains the same in 2016!
Everyone around me to be healthy and happy, then I will also be happy :) Yup.. that simple :)
Anyway.. Happy 2016 in advance everybody! :) Enjoy your day!
See you on instagram : @bigtreeandkoala for now! :)
Till then! :) See you next year!

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  1. I must say that you both really make an adorable couple and I wish you both all very best for your further milestones in future. I am also getting married at best San Francisco wedding venues in next few months and I am very excited about that.

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