Hello all,
Happy Chinese New Year, 新年快乐! :)
Here's our Pre Solemnization Photoshoot by
My husband and I wish everyone a sweet year ahead.. 甜甜蜜蜜, 天天开心!
Enjoy your long weekend everybody! :)
My husband sew the cardigan for brown and cony to match our outfit :)
I do the "save the date" board to match our garden theme solemnization at Orchid Garden! :)
We r very lucky.. I still remember one day before the photoshoot with Charles from AMusephotographer.. the PSI (haze) went up to the highest! I text Charles asking if we should continue the photoshoot.. guess what happen.. the next day everything went back to normal.. Clear blue sky and no haze at all -_- Everything back to normal overnight..
We were all amazed.. haha
Had lots of fun.. We use almost all the pics from Charles (AMusephotographer) as solemization invitation cards for our invited guest to write their wishes for us :)
Ok..let the picture do the talking :)

 See you in our next post..
We will share with you the procedure for ROM/Solemnization in Singapore!
Stay tune :)
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  1. SinYing says:

    Happy cny! Lovely couple.

  2. Hi, you have got nice & lovely photos. Can I know where you guys bought your outfits? Thanks..

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