“Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair.
That endless summer, take me there.”


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I miss Ayara Hilltop!!

Ayara Hilltop Part 1.. click HERE to take alook at the resort room =)
Let me show you Ayara Hilltop Swimming pool with Jacuzzi..
We dive into the pool, float there and chill almost everyday..
Something I like most..is.. you can order coconut and drink by the pool side..
That's life yo.. all you care is to chill! Bring me back please..

Awesome blossom..
Below pic.. the bottle with handmade straw roses is from TwoSeaTour :) I love it! :)
Nicely done..I love things that are handmade..
hmm.. should have a post to "show off" the 7 years of handmade bouquet of flowers from my fiance soon.. haha..

Having fun..
Carefree life!! Actually if you don't want to go out for seasports..
You can just stay at the resort! Relax and sun tan..
Coconut by the pool side..

Us..Having fun.. hehe..

Forever is too short..when I am with you..hehe
I love the poolside restaurant food.. super good..
Outdoor private Jacuzzi..
watching sunset while enjoying the jacuzzi..

Approx 1 hour ride to Patong Beach..
SAVOEY!! Highly recommended..
HERE for more restaurant info.
Our dinner..
I am super duper "chao tah"..haha..super duper tan..

The food..super duper good..
Omg..I am drooling now.. :( hope to go there again!!
Ice cream after dinner.. cheaper than SG! :)
The happening Patong Beach..We got culture shock! haha
Saw Volunteer police from Canada and US..haha..
Because is worldcup season.. they volunteered to work there..

Heading back..flying off the next day..sad :(

Back to reality..
I really love this resort very very much!! Hope to go back again.. :)
Love short relaxing trip like this.. =)

 5 more days to Taiwan!! Company trip.. Whee.. looking forward,,
Goodnight! :)

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  1. passerby says:

    You both looks really good together!!!!

  2. your secret admirer says:

    U r so pretty inside out.
    Seldom see you dress so revealing, nice cleavage baby girl :-) guess who am I? haha

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