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Le Grand & Z Wedding Couture Runway Show 2014
written by Big Tree & Koala
Every bride wants to look exceptionally pretty on her wedding day, and the Gown plays an extremely important role. Le Grand and Z Wedding are renowned for their in house designer gowns, which are simply stunning and yet trendy. We are glad to be invited to their Couture Runway Show at CHJIMES on 28 Aug 14 :D
Celebrity invited : Chris Tong, Tracy Lee and Zen Chong
They are sitting right in front of us :D

We are early.. So the place is still rather empty..
Selfie =)
Photo by Chris Ling 
Let us take a look at the designer gowns..
Beautiful gowns of different design..

Below are the gowns by Le Grand and Z Wedding. 
Feel free to let us know which are the ones you like by leaving a comment below =)
Gown 1

Gown 2

Gown 3

Gown 4

Gown 5

Gown 6

Gown 7

Gown 8

Gown 9

Gown 10

Gown 11

Gown 12

Gown 13

Gown 14

Gown 15

Gown 16

Gown 17

Gown 18

Gown 19

Gown 20

Gown 21

Gown 22

Gown 23

Gown 24

Gown 25

Gown 26

Gown 27

Gown 28

Gown 29

Gown 30

Gown 31

Gown 32

Gown 33

Gown 34

Gown 35

Gown 36

Gown 37

Gown 38

Gown 39

Gown 40
Gown 1, 8 and 21 is my fav! :) What about you? I find gown 32 quite unique too.. look abit like Sydney opera house :)
I have yet to select the bridal boutique to sign package with.. :( Tough choice.. 
Anyone sign up with Le Grand / Z Wedding? How you feel about the gowns and services?
Anyway please feel free to share with me your recommended bridal shop! :)
We are planning to select a bridal boutique to sign package with latest by this year end! :)
Looking forward to share with all the pretty brides-to-be which bridal boutique we sign our package with.. :) Excited! :) 
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7 Responses so far.

  1. Tracy - ur ex colleague! says:

    Thank you for sharing babe.. personally I prefer classic and traditional gowns. Theirs not my liking.. I choose labelle, after going to a few boutiques. I went dream wedding, white link and z wedding. I think labelle have the best service! Look forward to your wedding pictures beautiful lady.

  2. YaLing says:

    You first to get married. You let us know which one good.. we follow.
    Can't wait to see ur wedding pic! Sure damn chio!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Digio! The train dress very nice..

  4. Katherine Ong says:

    You wear what also chio.. ur bf n u so cute on instagram. Good looking couple.. post pics of u in gown leh..

  5. Anonymous says:

    I sign with e aisle..

  6. Zoe (: says:

    Think u will look good in anything! :) can post more about yourself? Like what skincare u use, where you buy ur clothes etc? I prefer your blog last time, more content about you... I ever met you in person at somerset few months back! Really think you look much better in person, you look very sweet and natural in person! Hope to see more of your pics in instagram and blog posts..

  7. benilhalk says:

    It’s pretty cool and I liked your concept of wedding show. All these wedding gowns are very beautiful and designing is excellent too. Well, if I want to choose any gown for my wedding, then I will choose gown no 24. As I like its color and designing a lot. Hey, have you attended NYC events ever?

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